Monday, January 30, 2017

Kids @ Play!

Much like Alexis ,I kept to myself when It came to playing with my action figures.I had friends ,but none that I would ever allow Inside of my little action figure world.My older brother and sisters always had their own,grown up  thing going on. My cousin was the only one I could sit and vibe with on some Gi Joe and Transformers shit lol!But I don't remember having any action figure play sessions with him .It was more or less just a show and tell session and maybe a trade would develop somewhere down the line.Like I've stated In the past,action figure play sessions weren't just for fun.Lots of times ,when family problems arose or when my older siblings became too much to bare,action figures proved to be quite therapeutic.Much like Brother Midnight,I would drag out stories  that sometimes spanned days. There was nothing better than waking up early In the morning to pick up where you left off the day before.

Before I compiled enough Joes to actually create my own universe filled with plots and twists,I would create lots of solo missions for my Coleco Rambo figure.My only other figure In that scale was an A-Team bad guy,I think his name was Rattler. Solo missions came In handy when you only had a couple figures In the line or just the lines protagonist  with a couple of  odd ball bad guys In the same scale.

It wasn't until I had enough Joes where I could actually create cartoon like scenarios and stories. My story lines were never too  complicated.It was always along the lines of  a joe being taken prisoner and held at an undisclosed location. I would then assemble a small group of Joes to rescue the prisoner.Usually ,he'd be held up In a cave made of tossed quilts  or a make shift Styrofoam jail cells.The cool thing about having a bunch of different Joes Is that everyday there could be a new hero.I'd have certain Joes develop bonds,always watching each others back.Oh,and did I mention that I would do the voices for each character?  My favorite voices to do was Roadblocks,Sgt.Slaughters  and Quick Kicks.If you managed to be just outside of my closed bedroom door while I was playing with my Joes,you would seriously think there were different people In there having a conversation,lol!


After every session.I would meticulously set up my figures and display them on top of  Rolling Thunder.If the figures had corresponding vehicles,then that's where he'd be stored until the next time.Weapons would all be stashed In a Tupperware  along with all of the file cards.Needless to say,I never wanted  anybody else's paws on my toys,ever! 

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Round Robin Challenge : Kids @ Play!

Always curious about this.With all of us being action figure collectors as kids,I'm wondering what everyone's approach to actually playing with them was.Did you prefer playing alone,or with a friend?Please explain why for both answers.How did you play with them?While you're at It,throw In the kind of relationship you have with your toys.Were you the care free ,I don't care what happens to or who plays with my toys type of kid or were you overprotective of them?Set the scene.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Marvel Legends Showdown 3 3/4 - Magneto

Yes,I'm still on my Marvel Universe grind people!Recently I was able to sell off some DOTM Transformers  In order to continue filling out my  Marvel Universe shelf.Of course Magneto Is a must have ,but I wasn't about to shell out most of what I made off my TF sale for his Marvel Universe figure.So I took the Marvel Legends Showdown route.For those of you not hip to the Showdown line,they are some of the first 3 3/4 ,highly articulated Marvel action figures ever to be released.Some came individually carded and others came In two packs.These figures were hit and miss.Some of the sculpts looked great for some characters while others looked downright scary.Don't believe me?Click here. Also,some of the skinnier characters suffered from loose limb syndrome.So be warned If your looking to these figures to hold a place In your Marvel Universe collection.Lately I've been on this X-Men kick  and I've been wanting to add some more mutants to my collection.Magneto has been high on my want list.But  I wasn't about to pay 20 plus bucks for his Marvel Universe figure.Luckily I came across an ebay listing for a  Showdown  as well as a 90's Toybiz Magneto for 12 bucks and some change shipped!I knew I'd be taking a chance because you never know what your going to get with these Showdown figures.But I figured,If the Showdown Magneto Is a loss,I still have the 90's Toybiz version of him ,which to me Is worth the 12 bucks alone. Well,I got lucky.Both figures came In awesome shape,and If you ask me,the Showdown Magneto Is much nicer looking than the Marvel Universe one.

As you can see,they hold their own when standing next to Marvel Universe figures and fit nicely scale wise.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Marvel Universe - Nightcrawler

Cross off another big name off  the Marvel Universe "Want List".Nightcrawler was a must have for my small team of  X-Men .He was always a favorite of mine In the comics and  In video games.This Is another one of those MU figs with an overblown price tag.why?I don't know.Not sure If he was short packed as a single carded figure or If It's just because of his popularity.Anyway,I was able to find him super cheap (It's the only way I roll) form a vendor who seemed to be selling off a large portion of his collection.$9 and some change later,I finally have a Nightcrawler figure!I won't post a team pic yet because I'm waiting on a couple other figures for my X-Men universe to arrive to do that.Stay tuned!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Surprise Inheritance

Brother Midnight's Round Robin Challenge Is the stuff of dreams.Damn,I would flip If someone left me $5,000.00  just to spend on toys!!!Now I'm not exactly sure what everything In my list sells for but I'm pretty sure It's up there. Lets get started!

Brand spanking new and sealed ,this baby goes well over $1,000.00 .This would be the first thing I track down.

These are going well into the hundreds,new maybe more.I used to have a Rolling Thunder as a kid and would love to be able to find one mint!    
Brand new In box,Castle Grayskull goes for about $500.00.I need this thing! 

This Is way expensive factory sealed.Lets say $1,000.00 ,bringing my total so far to about $3,500.00,lol!

I would have to haggle the price down on one of these suckers,used!I can probably get one complete for about $500.00 bucks.

$200.00 for a new Marvel Universe Galactus.

I had a strange relationship with my Boglin as a kid.I used to believe he would come to life at night while I slept.I'd even feed him cereal ,ha!I remember my mom flipping out one day when she found a froot loop In his mouth.Great memories,strange childhood.But these guys left quite the impression on me and If  I could come away with at least 4 of these guys boxed at $200.00 a piece ,that would get me around the $5,000.00  mark.

This was alot of fun Brother!Nothing beats fake shopping on eBay!Great assignment :)

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

2009 Marvel Universe - Captain America (Secret Wars)

I regret  passing on all the earlier waves of Marvel Universe figures.Who would have known that most would shoot up In price and be nearly impossible to reattain.Until now,my go to classic Cap was  Heavy Artillery Captain America from the movie line of figures.He did a great job of filling In until I could finally get my hands on what I feel Is the best Captain America figure out there, to date.Unbeknownst to me at the time of purchase,this was not the shield that came  with this figure originally.Not a problem at all because this shield with the straps  Is  sooo much better than the clip on ones. It took nearly 8 years for this figure to start coming down In price ,hence the reason I was able to finally snag one up.

As you can see ,Secret Wars Cap stands taller than Heavy Artillery and the Super Combat Movie Versions. 

I also dig the similarities this figure has with the original 1980's Secret Wars Captain America.The lighter shade of blue works better on Captain America figures ,imo.The one thing I will say about these figures Is that they are almost 10 years old ,I know right, how time flies!Because of that they tend to be a little on the loose side.Although I think the initial run of Marvel Universe figures all  tended to be a little flimsy new out of the package.     

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Random Pic & Packages

Just a random pic I took for my Instagram  and decided to post here as well.When was the last time Cap and Juggernaut went at It?I can't remember a single time!I would love to see the match up,though.Maybe you comic aficionados out there can verify a meeting between these two.

Also,two more action figures to add to the collection.Stay tuned for the unveiling!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Marvel Universe - Klaw

Once again ,Marvel Universe has the honor of  receiving another post here on 2 Minute Toy Break.Recently,there has been a price droppage on most everything Marvel Universe and I've been taking advantage of It.Seems like I've been chasing after these Secret Wars figures for ever.I was too busy chasing down G.I. Joe at the time of their release,foolishly believing that they'd be re- released at some point.My goal was and still Is to gather up as many figures from the series as possible. Klaw comes In a two pack with Captain America ,the first two pack  of  many  that subsequently  released commemorating the original run  of  the Secret Wars comics.He doesn't make an appearance In the Secret Wars  series until the later issues.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I obsess over expensive action figures.Especially ones that I need for my collection.I will look at them on E bay and hobby shop shelves with their inflated price tags,and die a little inside.However,that doesn't stop me from  constantly looking for them ,hoping to stumble across one with a decent price.Below are a list of figures I obsessed over and was able to get either by way of trade or on the  cheap.Trying to find any one of these figures , used, for under 15 bucks has  proved to be a difficult task.I waited around for a long time to find these figures at a price I could afford.

I got super lucky when I found this Indiana Jones figure,loose,In a dollar bin at a local hobby shop.Even without his original weapons (save for his man purse),1 buck isn't bad.

I've been wanting this Venomous Maximus figure for ages and was happy to receive It In a trade from good Derek (Orniphus) over at coolandunusual.

You don't know how many times I've searched for  "Secret Wars Black Suit Spider-Man"  on eBay ,only to be let down by the 20 dollar price tag most vendors wanted for him.I think I got him for 12 bucks?

O.K. ,who didn't want a Secret Wars Wolverine action figure growing up?I wanted one desperately as a kid and even more as an adult.Most were selling for about 15 bucks and up.Now you can find them for around 10 to 12 bucks a piece with wear.I was lucky enough to find this one,In great condition,for about 6 bucks on eBay.This only after years of watching him  only to miss out on the listing.

So there you have It.My obsession over figures I can't afford! 

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Goodwill Hunting!

I was finally able to add an Imaginext Batcave to my collection,all thanks to Goodwill!$2.99 for this beauty.I was thinking about painting It up,but I'm digging the over the top purples and bright colors It comes with.Maybe I'll change my mind but for now I think It looks pretty cool with my Public Enemies Batman fig.BTW Can't wait to head back to Goodwill!

This has to be my favorite feature on this set.The holding cell!

Batman's sleeping quarters.