Monday, January 23, 2017

Surprise Inheritance

Brother Midnight's Round Robin Challenge Is the stuff of dreams.Damn,I would flip If someone left me $5,000.00  just to spend on toys!!!Now I'm not exactly sure what everything In my list sells for but I'm pretty sure It's up there. Lets get started!

Brand spanking new and sealed ,this baby goes well over $1,000.00 .This would be the first thing I track down.

These are going well into the hundreds,new maybe more.I used to have a Rolling Thunder as a kid and would love to be able to find one mint!    
Brand new In box,Castle Grayskull goes for about $500.00.I need this thing! 

This Is way expensive factory sealed.Lets say $1,000.00 ,bringing my total so far to about $3,500.00,lol!

I would have to haggle the price down on one of these suckers,used!I can probably get one complete for about $500.00 bucks.

$200.00 for a new Marvel Universe Galactus.

I had a strange relationship with my Boglin as a kid.I used to believe he would come to life at night while I slept.I'd even feed him cereal ,ha!I remember my mom flipping out one day when she found a froot loop In his mouth.Great memories,strange childhood.But these guys left quite the impression on me and If  I could come away with at least 4 of these guys boxed at $200.00 a piece ,that would get me around the $5,000.00  mark.

This was alot of fun Brother!Nothing beats fake shopping on eBay!Great assignment :)

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  1. 5k to spend on toys? That would be so awesome! I'd spend all of it on vintage Star Wars figures.

  2. Great choice!So many cool vehicles,playsets and figures!

  3. Great stuff! I still to this day dont have any Boglins but they are pretty high on my list.

  4. excellent choices- I went newer stuff on mine.

    1. Gonna check yours out now Mr.Smith ;)

  5. I would love pretty much everything here lol! I especially want to find some Halloween Boglins someday.

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