Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Re-Collecting My Childhood Comics!

In the 80's ,X-Men Classic,or Classic X-Men ,whichever one you prefer, were a great series of comic books.As a kid I had a few stragglers ,you know ,late issues In my collection but I could never find that elusive number 1.So when Jim Lee dropped X-Men #1, In 1991 , I was all In.I was finally going to be  able to follow an X-Men story arc from the very beginning!Ya see,comic books was our Netflix.Only we had to wait a full month before we could get our hands on the next episode.And even after that month long wait,It wasn't a sure thing that your local comic shop would have any In stock.Still,there was nothing more exhilarating than walking into a  shop and finding that new release!Right away, X- Men became life.I had other comics In my collection.West Coast Avengers,Captain America,Spider-Man but nothing ever came close to my collection of  Jim Lee X-Men comic books.Today,I am one step closer to obtaining all of the Jim Lee X-Men comics I had as a kid.There's lots more to go ,but these are the 2 (one of them Is a variant issue) that started It all for me!

What a great feeling It Is  to have this book In my hands again after so many years! 

Marvel X-Men #1 1991 (Front)
                            So happy to have some of these figures In my collection today!

Marvel X-Men #1 1991  (Back)

Marvel X-Men #1 1991 (Front/Variant)

Marvel X-Men  #2 1991 (Front)

                   I spent quite some time playing this game over summer break as a kid.

Marvel X-Men  #2 1991 (Back)

Monday, June 17, 2019

Comic Rack Reboot

Ever since my curbside comic rack find ,I've found myself looking more and more into comic book collecting.It's a facet of the hobby I've shied away from because of the increase In price of a single book.Now that I have this comic rack ,I've found myself looking for that quick comic book fix In those discount multi-packs of vintage ,out of print,books.These ,however,have yet to relinquish anything  I had as a kid.It's not even hit or miss.In fact,up to this point It's been strictly misses.In an effort to rectify the problem,I've decided to just go after titles I had growing up.The comics that really meant something to me.I mean,quality over quantity right?I'd rather recoup  one title I owned as a kid as opposed to acquiring 20 comics that I probably wouldn't have batted an eye at as a kid or even now as an adult. Every time I get these new collecting urges I like to do a little preparation.You know , small things to amp me  up about a new endeavor.Like I said,nothing big.I printed out this copy of a sign prominently displayed over most department store comic book racks and rigged up a clamp,already on the rack, to display It In a hard plastic binder protector case.

It's printed on  thick stock ,standard sized paper. 

And this Is the finished product!

As you can see,I've removed all of the comics I had displayed on It before.This will now be filled with titles I had as a kid.Stay tuned!  

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Pop Culture Jibber Jabber

What's with the G.I. Joe franchise and why Isn't Hasbro doing something about  It?It's crazy because with all the advancements In our military ,amazing technology and possible real world tie- ins ,you would think they'd have enough fodder to be able to spit out G.I. Joe films on a yearly basis.Heck, I'd even settle for a Netflix series ala Agents of Shield.Give us something,Hasbro.Something!

Anybody else think Marvel films have become a little too comedy heavy?Yeah,the writing Is great.So are most of the jokes.But,not every character In the Marvel Universe has a sense of humor .While I'm not the biggest fan of FOX's line of X-Men films,I can appreciate the seriousness about them.

Speaking of Marvel and Hasbro,where are the 3 3/4 figures?It seems like It will only be Marvel Legends 6 inch figures and larger from here on out.That sucks,too,because I really wanted a 3 3/4 Beyonder figure for my collection.

That's It for this edition of Pop Culture Jibber Jabber.Stay tuned, more pointless and rhetorical rants after these awesome 80's commercial messages ;) 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

More Marchon Goodness!

I can't say enough about these Rambo knock off's!I just love them!A while back we looked at Rizzo from the Marchon M-Force line of 6 inch military figures.Today we look at Mean Jo Ling and Rizzo?Yeah ,I guess this guys name Is Rizzo ,too,according to what I was able to dig up online.Aside from the same color hair ,the faces are  totally different.

I love the chunkiness to these figures. They're a handful of rugged,durable plastic with 5 points of solid articulation.

If there was ever a group of military men that could bring John Rambo back dead or alive ,It would be these three right here!

Looks like Rambo's gonna need some backup!

                                                Three on three,now that's more like It!

No guns ,knives or weapons. Rizzo vs. Rambo,hand to hand combat!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Super Fighting Robot!

Anybody  ever have this theme song trapped In their heads?I'll be washing the dishes and out of nowhere I'll start singing "Super Fighting Robot...MEGA MAN!" ,repeatedly ,lol.And who doesn't love Mega Man?I wasn't crazy about the NES games but I loved the SNES and PS1 versions. I've always wanted a Mega Man action figure but most were on the larger side and I was looking for something a little more portable.Luckily Hasbro has started releasing figures based on the MARVEL vs. CAPCOM games.Two packs of the more popular characters ,Mega Man  being one of them.He comes packaged with an Iron Man figure that I already have so I picked up the lone Mega Man fig.I didn't know what to expect ,articulation wise.After receiving It In the mail and messing around with It for a little while ,I'm pretty impressed!

I counted 14 points of articulation.The head moves sided to side ,shoulders swivel and  the arms bend and rotate at the elbow .The legs are on a ball socket and swivel and bend at the knees.The feet move ever so slightly but really are just stationary for the most part.

The blast effect  looks great and  the large feet counter balance the figure when the accessory Is attached. 

It's a really fun action figure with awesome paint apps.Mine came with a slightly loose left leg joint but that might also be due to the lower part of his legs being so heavy.On the flip side,It's those larger feet that both balance and allow for some really cool poses .

For now ,I'm displaying him with my Marvel Universe figures.Hopefully Hasbro releases other Capcom figures from the game like Chris Redfield ,etc.That way I can have a dedicated Capcom display.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Storm Shadow V.2 UPDATE

So remember my Funskool Storm Shadow post?I really loved the figure  but I have to be honest,the upside down Arashikage symbol on his forearm really bugged me.The funny thing Is,I didn't know about the upside down stamp until the day of the blog post!As I uploaded the pic something told me to cross  reference and see If the symbol was correctly applied.That's when ,to my surprise ,I realized
the glaring defect.

Funskool V.2 Storm Shadow With Upside Down Arashikage Stamp

You guys don't understand ,I get super neurotic about shit like this.It'll bug me every time I look at It .I had to act fast,and I did.About a week later I received my  original V.2 Storm Shadow In the mail!Much better.

Notice the differences?I still really like the Funskool version but the original Is so much better.Better quality,better paint apps and most importantly an accurate Arashikage tattoo!
Original V.2 Storm Shadow On Left/Funskool V.2 Storm Shadow On Right  

My V.2 original Storm Shadow will inherit the Funskool accessories and ultimately supplant him on display. Now we're talking!

Friday, May 31, 2019

So,My Local Grocery Store Now Sells Comics!

$5.99 for 4 comics!I'll take It considering that Is what one comic book goes for nowadays.Lets crack this baby open and see what we got! 

A 1985 copy of The Uncanny X-Men issue # 196.A lackluster cover and from the few pages I've already flipped through,It seems to be light on action ,too.The best thing this comic has going for It Is the mentioning of  Secret Wars 2  on the corner of the cover.Anything referencing Secret Wars 1 or 2 Is a winner In my book!

1985 Marvel  # 196 The Uncanny X-Men

Gambit  And The X-Ternals. A 1995 Deluxe Issue #1 of a superhero team I never new existed.From what I can tell It consists of Gambit,Strong Guy,Jubilee and I'm not so sure who the other two might be.I'm gonna take a guess and say Polaris and a souped up version of Warpath.I'm pretty sure I'm wrong on all but two ,Gambit and Jubilee.A promising looking cover ,nonetheless,and a number 1 issue ,so that's always nice.

1995 Marvel #1 Gambit And The X-Ternals

I'm not a big DC or Star Trek fan,but  the two combined  pique my interest. And that cover- ONE WILL DIE! I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Worf's probably getting  murked In this issue.I'm looking forward to flipping through this one.

1993 DC #49 Star Trek The Next Generation

I like Image comics.Colorful characters,teams of brightly dressed mutants and lots and lots of claws!Take Shadowhawk for instance.Kind of a Wolverine,Darkhawk mash up.I remember reading an older Shadowhawk issue years ago and If I'm not mistaken ,he may have also been battling the Aids virus.Not sure,tho. Unfortunately ,like a lot of comics In the 90's ,this one has one of those embossed chrome covers and the image barely comes across In the scan.  

1993 Image #1 Shadowhawk II  

The cool thing about these comic book packs Is that If you carefully cut a slit In the back of the baggie ,you can reuse It for protection or display purposes... 

....like so!

Stay tuned to posts similar to this one as I plan on snagging up more of these comic packs In the near future!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Collection Pics

This Is mostly for those of you who might be newcomers to the site. I've done posts like this before but you never know If new blood Is out there having a look see ;)I'm trying to ,slowly but surely,make room for my collection. Ideally,I'd like to have uniform book cases set up for action figures and a separate shelving unit for baseball cards and video games.Right now I have one large unit housing my figures and baseball cards.So far ,this Is what It's looking like.

At the very top of the shelving unit and on the walls I have all of my Starting Lineup figures.I still have a few figures on my want list but for now ,this Is what I've got.


Top shelf .Some of the more popular 80's action figures In my collection.

Second shelf.Baseball card binders and a small empty section at the end where I snap pics of new items as I acquire them.

Third shelf.A mix of  vintage 5.5 figures including MOTU and TMNT and Marvel Toy-biz.

Fourth Shelf.Misc. vintage figures,most of which I had as a kid.This shelf means alot to me. 

Last shelf.More baseball cards In shoe boxes. 

I've finally gotten around to pulling some of my favorite modern action figures out of the stash where they were beginning to get all warped out of shape .One thing I've learned Is that 80's figures just don't warp the way these newer figures do.

My comic book collection.

Last but not least ,the stash!Yes ,there are still Marvel Universe ,TMNT  ,Star Wars Vintage Collection,Indiana Jones and CORPS! figures left  to display.Not to mention vehicles that I've had In my spare room In the basement along with a custom Doom castle,Marvel Titan Heroes figures,the Shield  Helicarrier, .........IT NEVER ENDS PEOPLE!

One day ,I'll have everything displayed In here.Including video games!It's getting there.