Friday, April 6, 2018

Captain Power!

I finally added the star of the 1987 live action series ,Captain Power ,to my collection.As a kid ,I genuinely enjoyed this show and toy line.There was nothing generic or knock off-ish about It.This was the real deal and a nice change of pace from the Joes I had been collecting and hoarding at the time.I never purchased   any of the VHS tapes or vehicles but remember really liking the original line of action figures.I'm missing his blaster ,which to me Is critical to have as It was an integral part of  the character.Sometime down the line I'll snag one up as well as the rest of this line.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Brother Midnight's Trade Package :The Contents!

Damn!So much goodness!Let's start this off with an action figure scale that I always make sure to steer clear of,not because I don't like them but because most of the time they are too expensive! I have stated before how I am not the biggest Deadpool fan but damn It If this ain't the coolest  looking action figure I've ever seen.The sculpt Is unbelievable   and I haven't even begun to mess around with all the extra hands and head sculpts .I can't wait to get this guy posed on display!And then there are the throwback Toy Biz figs ,Beast and Spider-Man.Forget about the Beast figure for a minute,that Spider-Man figure Is off the chains!I freakin' LOVE IT.Beast Is cool ,too, but man that Spidey Is something else.Oh,and I also needed the Titan Black Widow fig.

A little 3 3/4 inch action!Thunderball puts me one away from completing the Wrecking Crew!And I finally have some Katanas for my Leo!

Of course It wouldn't be a Brother Midnight package without the usual inclusion of 80's odd ball   greatness.

                                And tons of shitter-ature!So much greatness In this trade box.Thank you Brother!!! You're a genuine ,class act trade partner and friend.And If you haven't heard -Toy Disorderly  Is back up and running!Brother Midnight has given the place a bit of a face lift ,just in time for summer!I'm also excited to announce the forums first contest!Details regarding the loot and entries will be posted on the forum as soon as we get all the kinks ironed  out. Stayyyy Tuuuuned!!!! 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Trade Package From Brother Midnight

I got home to this behemoth of a package sitting on my front  porch  ,a trade box from Brother Midnight.Upon further inspection,It seems the box has been dropped or ripped around the corners ,however, USPS was nice enough to stick an apology right to the side of the packaging lol.Oh well ,shit happens .I'll have an updated post with content pics up later on tonight.

Aww,they care....


Resident Evil Woes UPDATE

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I picked up the other sets of Corps! figs containing the new arrivals.I don't even know their names yet but they are pretty damn cool looking.Especially for them being  discount  figures.