Monday, December 17, 2018

A Slew Of SLU's !

I'm almost where I want to be with my Kenner Starting Lineup collection.The Award Winners set knocks off alot of players that I would have had a hard time picking up individually ,mainly Bonds and Bob Welch.Another thing this set does is tie in the 80s and 90s ,allowing me to segue my collection to add a few early 90s players that I enjoyed watching during those particular years. The 90 Canseco figure will be replacing the 88 figure in my Oakland Athletics team display.The 1990's Bo Jackson and Cecil Fielder figures will be displayed next to the Award Winners ,where I will be adding a few more 90s players to tie everything in.The top of my shelving unit will be reserved for Mets figures.Aside from a few key 1988 figure needs ,im pretty content with my collection so far.

I'm waiting on a Greg Maddux figure that's going to be displayed on the National League side of the Award Winners piece,along with a Kevin Mitchell.In front I'll be placing a fielding Cal Ripken ,Jr. and fielding/diving/sliding player to be named later.Another new acquisition not pictured above Is the Tony Gwynn 1988 piece.You can see he's taken Bo Jackson's place on the far right of my 80's display.

I still want to add a  Mattingly and a Boggs to the 80's display .Any other 1988 figures  I'll use as fillers.

I'm loving my Cecil Fielder figure!Kenner was generous to the 1990's American League HR champ ,giving us a slimmed down version of  Big Daddy !

I'm done with my makeshift Athletics team. Eckersley aside,I've got pretty much all the major players.

The Mets display has shifted over to the top of my toy shelf.I still have a few figures to add and now I'll definitely have the space to do that.

Monday, December 10, 2018

On My Starting Lineup Grind!

I'm getting closer to completing my ,i guess you could call it frankenset,of Oakland A's Starting Lineup figures.I was going to stop at the 88 releases ,but that was only 3 figures deep,so I've decided to piece my team together with other A's figures released from 1989 thru 1991. Steinbach was kind of the exception here as this figure here Is from the 96 run.It was way cheaper than his 89 fig and I needed a  Steinbach,so there's that.

There Isn't much to tell this figure apart from the others that I have on display other than the lettering on the back of his jersey.The letters are green with a yellow outline, modeled after the 96 unis but you can't tell that unless you turn the figure around.So In my mind,this Is 1980's Steinbach .The smallest "Bash Brother" Steinbach. The 1987 Donruss Rated Rookies Steinbach. It's a cool figure but I couldn't help but chuckle at the softball he's about to chuck down to second base.Also ,he's a tad bigger than the earlier released line of Starting Lineup figures.

Then there's Rickey Henderson ,the catalyst .Rickey made the A's virtually unstoppable, hitting at the top of  an already stacked lineup. I believe this 1990 release  is his post 80's  debut A's figure.In 1979 Rickey started his career In Oakland before being traded to the Yankees  ,and then ultimately making his way back to the A's In 1989. I like the figure but I'm enamored more by the cards that come with it.That yellow bordered 79 Rookie Year card Is pretty awesome!

This Is what my A's team Is looking like right now.I now need to pick up a Walt Weiss and Dave Henderson figure to put the kibosh on this makeshift team  set. I would have loved,loved,loved to add Eckersley to this mix but he's way too expensive for me to even consider It at this point.I may switch out the Canseco figure for the 1990 version.It's alot bulkier , has a different head sculpt and would look better ,imo,with the other A's figures.I'll just slide his 88 fig up to the top with all the other 88 figures.It's coming along,slow,but coming along ,nonetheless.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Marvel Issue #1 When All Hell Breaks Loose!

I better take a good look at this now cuz it aint staying like this much longer.Ive come to the realization that Im gonna need a whole new shelving unit in order to properly display my contemporary action figure collection ,Marvel Universe included.This chaotic scene took a hot minute to put together and this isnt even the whole colle tion.I decided to go with classic styled figures for this display ,leaving all the movie versions of them out.Too bad its all coming right back down.It was fun putting it together though.

Working On MU Display

Just getting started on this.Looking through my stashed Marvel Universe figures,it seems some of them have gotten a little bent out shape ,literally ,so Ive gotta do something  and putting them on display seems like the logical thing to do.I just have such limited space.I could cram them all on top of the Helicarrier but that would look odd If not done right.I gotta think of something fast!

Friday, December 7, 2018

My Buddy!

Its hard to beleive that I can love this big pain in  the butt so much!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

And Now Batting....

I can take George Brett off my Starting Lineup want list.This one was hard to come by as most are being sold new for upwards of  20 to 25 dollars.I got this banged up Brett for about 4 bucks.Not the cleanest specimen but the majority of the sculpt is still crisp and intact.At the least he will be a placeholder until I can find one in better condition.But I can live and die with this one If I really have to.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Meet The Players #3


The man might as well have been wearing a cape out there on the field because he was truly  Superman!