Wednesday, September 22, 2021

GiJigsaw Original Artwork

If you haven't been over to GIJigsaw's site to check out his awesome custom action figure artwork, I suggest you do so. Recently Jigs put the word out and gave readers of his site the chance to pick out 4 characters from any action figure line to be immortalized on canvas and I chose a few Mattel Marvel Secret Wars classics! 

Jigs even added the lightning bolt to the deep blue background, staying true to the vintage card art! 

The colors used match the figures perfectly! Even Dr. Doom got the metallic silver treatment.

Black suit Spidey!!!

I'm really digging these and appreciate the "First Four" freebie deal! Jigs completely knocked it out of the park and It's cool to know that I have the first series of Mattel Marvel Secret Wars figure paintings! Many thanks Jigs💥 This was truly a thoughtful and kind gesture on your part and I will forever be indebted 🙏

Saturday, September 18, 2021

My Post Cereal Bobblehead Collection

I'm not even sure how many I still need to complete the collection. I have to go back and research but I think there were 2 series'. There was a time when cereals put  quality premiums in their boxes. Not anymore. I bought a box of Corn Flakes the other day because of the supposed free book ( Berenstein Bears: Back To School) included. I thought my 2 year old nephew would get a kick out of it. Turns out you have to go online, scan some qr barcode and bring in your receipt in order to obtain your copy. I could just as easily purchase one off the rack in half the time. Damn you Corn Flakes for getting my hopes up. Maybe I should have "read" the box more closely. Ironic. 

It also occurred to me, shortly after taking this pic, that the portrait I have the figures displayed on is  pre 9/11. I was going to post a couple of days ago but decided against it. I'm all for remembrance, but totally against the way the media likes to MK Ultra it into our brains.  This is how I like to remember NYC anyways. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

A Post For Jon 😉

A few posts ago, fellow blog follower and reader Jon  requested I show some of what was in my sportscard shoeboxes. So below are just a couple of oldies but goodies, mostly guys from my childhood, sitting quietly stashed.  Some of you toy bloggers out there may be familiar with some of the names.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Day In The Life And A Knock Off Hogan !

My mom comes up to me today holding this can of Progresso Soup and says" Ya see this can?" In her thick NY accent. " I need you to find me the same soup, just not as spicy. I love the taste it's just too damn hot!" I laughed and told her no problem. Then she says " Wait a minute, are you gonna be able to remember the brand and flavor when you get to the store?" I tell her " Mom. We have phones now. With built in cameras! I'll  take a picture of it  and pull it up at the store for reference!" She says" Oh! That's a good Idea!" 😂😂😂   Gotta love her! 
In other news. Remember these guys?!? Looking through my stash I stumbled across my good ol' knock-off Hulk Hogan figure. My god these sucked but not entirely. The resemblance to the actual wrestlers wasn't too bad and they made for a decent wrestling match in the absence of any official WWF figures. I also have a Jimmy Superfly Snuka floating around somewhere. Good memories, good times! 

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Opening A 1988 Roger Clemens MLB Kenner Starting Lineup

This 1988 Clemens Starting Lineup figure has sat in a box, stashed long enough. Tis time to open the toy!

Don't you just love action figure checklists? You don't see them anymore. Whether included on the back of the box or inside the packaging, it's just the right thing to do. It helps to know what your looking for when your out there looking for it. 

With these figures, you gotta be careful when pulling them out of their blister because of the baseball card that comes with it. Many a Starting Lineup card suffered dinged corners and creases due to the cardbacks being ripped off in haste. Mine is in crispy Near Mint/Mint condition!

There's no better feeling than placing a baseball card into a penny sleeve, top loader and then into the shoebox for easy storage and access. Collecting and caring for baseball cards can be super relaxing and therapeutic. In moderation of course.

Clemens looks super clean out of the packaging and still has that new plastic chemical smell we all were addicted to as kids. Someone should invent a "New Toy" scented car air freshener.

Clemens will join Dwight Gooden and about 40 other loose Starting Lineup figures currently stashed away until I can find a spot to properly display them. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

I'll Be Back!

With summer on its way out and a new school year coming, I feel a break from blogging is just what the doctor ordered. My kid starts a new school year and I have to put all of my focus on that right now. Once she's a couple of weeks into it and September gets rolling I should be in a better position to start blogging again. Also, health has been a priority. Mental and physical. One way I stay sane in these crazy times, well besides making music and running, is looking forward to things. Right now fall is heavy on the mind. Halloween is right around the corner and so are the  holidays and right now a much needed break from blogging is in order. So even though I'm  gone for now, it won't be  for good 😉 ✌️

Thursday, August 5, 2021

GI Joe Classified - Snake Supreme Cobra Commander Pt.2

I've been having a hard time finding decent backgrounds for action figure pics lately but may have stumbled across a solution at my local Dollar Tree. These textured backsplash panels make for a great backdrop and could even be used as diorama castle walls. 
I recommend using 4 panels when photographing 6" figures, especially for wide shots. I only used 2 and found myself having to bunch the figures together to get them all in the frame. Not a bad looking background, though. 
I really like this version of Cobra Commander. The soft goods cape and staff reminded me of the 3.75" Pursuit of Cobra figure. 
My Classified collection so far!
Many thanks to Toy Box for the hook up! Snake Supreme Cobra Commander is an amazing figure and one that I highly recommend 🐍🐍🐍