Monday, March 27, 2023

TMNT Elite Series - Leonardo (1990 Movie)

Today we're taking a look at Leonardo from the Playmates Ninja Elite Series release. I'm liking the aesthetics but I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in the tightness of the joints. A couple other things that could have been better executed are the hands. They don't grip the weapons very tightly. You have to place the handles in the articulated hands just right to have Leo properly hold his Katanas. Lastly we have a cool velvety hat that doesn't stay on very well. Aside from those three things, I really like the looks of these figures, with and without their disguises.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

And This Is How It Starts...

It turns out that the top rail of my living room vertical blinds is a great spot to display Funko Pops! So, 20 to 25 more should fill up that space quite nicely 😉 And so It begins! 

Sunday, March 19, 2023

TMNT Ninja Elite Series - Michaelangelo (1990 movie)

My first recollection of TMNT is from a friend who tried turning me on to the black and white comics. I think this was even before we got the first figures. He praised the mags but I just couldn't get behind a colorless comic book, leading me to prematurely write off the TMNT.  Can you believe it? I quickly found out that I was in the minority as commercials and ads for a new TMNT cartoon series began to flood the television airwaves. One episode was all it took to pull me in. Shortly after, I began collecting the figures and when news of a live action film surfaced I couldn't wait for the premier. I liked the movie and absolutely loved the "Jose Canseco bat" reference by Raphael during the Casey Jones fight scene. Those who have read my baseball card blog know why. Since then we have had a ton of different depictions and iterations of the turtles. Frankly, too many for me to keep up with. So when I saw these figures at my local Walmart recently, it hit a familiar nerve and I had to snag them up! 
I like the disguised look but was a little worried that (A) the hat would not be removable and (B) the body sculpt would be left without any detail seeing as how it is primarily a disguised figure. Luckily, both of my assumptions were wrong and what I had was essentially two versions of Michaelangelo in one! 
On a side note: Whats with the zip tying of the arms, hands and legs?!? What is he a flight risk? Totally frustrating and nerve-wracking when trying to free the figure from the plastic mold. 

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Dr. Doom - Marvel Select

Marvel Select has alot of incredible figures in their repertoire and this Doom just ain't one of em'. Don't get me wrong, Its not a horrible figure. Joints are solid, paint apps on point and all accessories are functional. The gun fits nicely in Doom's hand and holster. The switchable hand holding the chalice is also a nice addition.  After taking the figure out of the packaging I got a lot of Jack Kirby vibes. I guess that's not a bad thing. This is definitely a throwback sculpt of Dr. Doom and while it's not my favorite, it'll fit in nicely with the rest of my Select collection. The real gem in this set is Dooms throne. Although I'll admit to being leery about the possibility of  Doom not being able to sit in it properly. Such was not the case, though, due to the latex like material Doom's cape is made out of. It's very form fitting and allows Doom to lamp flawlessly in his favorite seat! Enjoy the pics! 

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Thor - Marvel Select

I've collected, religiously, Hasbro's 3.75 Marvel Universe in the past. I loved the variety and overall availability of the figures. Today they are non existent and totally overpriced on ebay. My first instinct was to hop over to Marvel's super popular 6" Legends figures but I was already way too late to that party. Many of the figures that I wanted from that line had already been phased out and were selling for twice as much online. Plus, Legends figures shot up in price, from $20 to $25 bucks in some stores and I wasn't about to play that game. I needed to scratch that Marvel itch some way, somehow and I've finally been able to do just that with Marvel Select! You're getting so much with these figures. Awesome packiging, figure stands and some amazing, totally original sculpts! Ok, so some figures are more articulated than others. Easier  to pose and whatnot. And I get it. But for the price, you can't go wrong. I'm at a point in toy collecting where aesthetics are everything. I prefer display ability over playability. Marvel Select gives me that. They are like individual pieces of art. Many sculpted by different artists. It's really been fun, cherry picking  figures from this line. My most recent pick up? The Mighty Thor!

Friday, February 24, 2023

Funko Pop! GI Joe/ Transformers Lunch Box

I picked this up mainly for the lunch box as It gives me mad 80s elementary school vibes! The goodies included within were a major plus! Check out the pics!