Saturday, January 18, 2020

Stop And Smell The Toy !

Today I realized why I started collecting action figures ,again, as an adult  In the first place. I forgot how therapeutic It Is to simply pick up and pose an action figure. It hit me today while I was taking a closer look at my Ultimate Snake Eyes figure. I know lots of people talk about how blogging can be  so therapeutic and good for the soul. I don't disagree. But I collected before I blogged. Baseball cards, comics and action figures have been curing my ills way before I began posting about it.  Even now , when I'm feeling down  , I'll instinctively walk over to my display shelves to pose random action figures. It takes my mind off of whatever It is that may be  ailing me. The moral of the story here is - Just because your not posting about your collection as much, never take your collection for granted -Try to remember why you began collecting In the first place and enjoy the moment without having to stop, snap a pic and write about it.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

2020 Goals

2020 Is upon us and with It a slew of resolutions. What are mine you ask? Oh ,you didn't ask. Well I'll tell anyways . I don't have many 2020 goals ,toy related, anyways. One part of my collection that I've always wanted to work on was vintage Star Wars. I'll be trying to pick up more of the figures I had as kid and even that wasn't much but let's see how It goes. The handful of vintage Star Wars figures that I own now aren't really ones of my choice but rather odd ball stuff sent to me from past trades. 2020's newest addition Is none other than the fabulous Hammerhead! Hard to believe this figure came out In 1978!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

The wife's away for a couple of days so what better way to spend the time than by setting up a new action figure display lol.I snatched this up from my parents today and will be filling it with action figures tonight over a glass of red wine 😉 Damn, 2020 !Where does the time go? Happy New Years people !

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Snake Eyes Jet Storm Rip-Attack Cycle (Revisited)

Looking through some things In my basement the other day,I happen to come across a bunch of  G.I Joe ROC boxes that I still have laying around. It's nice to revisit them after all these years just to relive the moment . I remember finding a couple  of these Snake Eyes Rip - Attack  cycles on clearance at my local TRU ,about  12 years ago, for about 5 bucks and some change. At first I thought this was just a Nerf like toy pistol or something because of the visible  trigger mechanism .

It's not until you turn the box around that you get to see exactly what It Is your getting here. I picked It up more for the  Snake Eyes figure which  btw looks nothing like the one included.

The rip cord goes .... .

One quick yank of the cord sets the back wheel  In motion and pressing the trigger releases the Jet Storm cycle. It actually works pretty well.

But If you're anything like me ,the trigger mechanism got tossed to the side  while the figure and cycle went on display. Snake Eyes doesn't look bad while mounted but Is a little bland as a stand alone figure.

Removable missiles are always a good thing for kids who like to simulate them In flight , but they  actually serve a purpose. They balance out the cycle while It's In motion and also help It stand .

As you can see the figure leaves a lot to be desired.Back then I liked It more because I hadn't picked up the single carded ROC Snake Eyes movie figure yet.

Clearly the movie fig outshines the one included with the Jet Storm cycle .

This set sells for about 25 bucks new on eBay today. Not worth It IMO. If you can find It for 15 bucks or less, definitely snag It up. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Soldier Force Navy Seal

I saw this at Family Dollar and had to snag It up for three bucks. It was really the only other figure from the line I wanted , so.  I love the color scheme and weapons but the lack of articulation take away from an otherwise  really cool looking figure. 

He's got articulation at the head , arms and legs but no elbow, wrist  or knee joints. 

He does ,however, have articulated ankles for some deep diving flipper action! The flippers are not removable.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Epic Moments In Action Figure History : 1991 Toy Biz Quick Change Armor Iron Man

Super hero action figures have always been around. And whether you were battling It out In your backyard with Mego or adventuring on an alien planet with Mattel's line of Secret Wars figures, there were always times when you wished you could remove a figures mask or helmet to reveal their secret identity. Secret identities were huge In the comics we read , and played just as big a part as the alter egos did. How cool would It have been to have a David Banner or  Peter Parker  figure?!?  While we never got either of the aforementioned, In 1991 Toy Biz gave us Tony Stark!

Quick Change Armor Iron Man's  helmet ,chest ,arm and leg armor were all removable giving the figure  maximum re-playabilty! The release of Toy Biz's 1991 line of Marvel Superheroes will always be pretty unforgettable ,but It was figures like this that ,IMO, make It an epic moment In action figure history!  

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Taking A Look At Snake Eyes V.37 !

This Snake Eyes figure has been on my want list for too long and thanks to Brothermidnight , I can cross It off the list.

What a lot of pictures fail to convey are the purple accents on this Snake Eyes  figure. They are subtle but noticeable. I like It . It gives It more of a comic book feel. In fact,up until the Retaliation Ultimate Snake Eyes released , this was the go to Snake Eyes for most collectors looking for a solid modern representation of  the beloved 1985  version. Lets compare the two and see how they both stack up to old V.2 Snake Eyes!

The obvious difference between the two is size. The Ultimate version Is a lot taller than the 25th Ann. version. It's  also a lot shinier . 

25th Ann. Snake Eyes/ Ultimate Snake Eyes

As far as head sculpts go,I think the 25th Ann. Snake Eyes beats the Ultimate version. It's way more accurate . 

Looking at both modern Snake Eyes figures next to the vintage and you would probably think that the 25th. Ann. version Is the better representation.  Scale wise ,yes, but there are two items missing from the modern 25th Ann. figure that the vintage figure has. Can you tell? Vintage Snake's has a gun molded onto his left leg and a knife on his right leg. Ultimate Snake Eyes got It right and then some as both the gun and knife are removable. Also, the bandoleer on the Ultimate version looks a little more like the one vintage Snake Eyes Is sporting. Which one do you guys think looks closest to the vintage figure? 

Friday, December 6, 2019

Soldier Force

Thank god for hole In the wall stores like Family Dollar. O.K. It's not that bad of a place to shop and my kids loved It when they were younger. It just seems like a lot of them are going to shit these days with their ravaged display shelves and  disgruntled employees complaining about management. I can see how the youngans   become enamored by it as  90% of what they carry consists of junk food and toys. Take these Chap Mei Soldier Force figures. For about 12 bucks ,a kid can walk out of their local Family Dollar with a small army and a 10 foot long piece of chewy ,sour  rope to wash it down! Nothing a beats a coinciding toy and candy high. Military figures always catch my eye and the Chap Mei brand Is a reputable one. I picked up three figures,the one carded below Is my favorite of the bunch.

I'm pretty sure all of you are familiar with Chap Mei and I won't be surprised If these are re-released figures from past sets being sold individually. They're solid with good paint apps and decent articulation. Most sport 11 points of articulation while some that I saw on a YouTube review had less amounts of articulation.I believe that was the Navy Seal deep diver. There may be others.

I liked this guy the best. He came with an added accessory,a gas mask ,but his weapon Is made out of a soft rubber and gets all bent out of shape.

I thought these would photograph well with DC Inifinite Heroes figures as both have similar articulation and large hands. They did but the Soldier Force figures are a bit taller than the DC figures. All in all , a nice little set of figures and at three bucks a piece ,totally worth it.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Recent Pick Ups

I saw these Chap Mei figs at my local Family Dollar going for 3 bucks a piece and couldn't pass them up. I think they'll look good In some pics with my DC Infinite Heroes figures. Speaking of,I also picked up  Hawkman, from the DC Infinite Heroes line. A more in depth look at all the figures should be up and posted later on tonight ;)

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Curse Or Blessing?/This Was Our Bluetooth

The dreaded empty space on your toy shelf! Is this a curse or a blessing? I don't know about you  but the minute I see an unused portion of  a shelf , my mind starts racing and I immediately begin   brainstorming the display possibilities lol. On the other hand , a vacant space like this can serve other purposes .I like to use It as a designated place to   snap pics of action figures. In fact I have a habit of leaving small spots like this open for that very reason. Although,the temptation to display something there Is strong !

Also , what exactly did we do before Bluetooth? Back In our day,anything wireless had to run on batteries and If It happened to be a speaker ,you'd still have to run an aux. cord or  AV cables. I remember the day I discovered the aux. port on an old boom box I had.I always wondered what It was for. Then It hit me!The hook up looked   alot like the headphone jacks that were present on most CRT  television sets. Shortly after I'd find out how to hook up exterior speakers to most of my TV's . It really added to the gaming experience,especially If your boom box had a bass boost feature. 

Friday, November 22, 2019

Funko Primal Age Scarecrow

It's been a hot minute since I've picked up any new action figures but at a mere 5 bucks and some change shipped , I couldn't pass up this Funko DC Primal Age Scarecrow figure.

Man , holding this thing gave me flashbacks of  old Remco Lost World of the Warlord figures. Everything from the packaging , the weight of it and even  the smell of plastic chemicals that comes oozing out of the clamshell after opening.

I realize that I am quite late to the Primal Age party. By the time I got tired of holding out for new 3 3/4 figures , Funko had inundated the market with a barrage of  5.5 MOTU styled action figures . I held out on those ,too , until the other day. I already knew what to expect as I had already picked up a Zorn figure which Is pretty much the same deal.

The great thing about this figure Is that It doesn't have to be Scarecrow. Funko gave some of these figures such a unique look that they could literally drop into any 5.5 universe and fit right in.

Having these two together makes me want more!I'm thinking about maybe picking up the shark dude next and possibly Mr.Freeze. The others look too much like their DC counterparts.I may still go after the Batman ,though.