Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Fathers Day!

It's Father's Day again! That means that today I am relieved of any dish washing, cooking and cleaning duties! As you might already know, my family and I have recently moved into a new place. Remember that cool toy room I used to have? Well, not any more. The place we live In now Is much smaller, and this Is where my stuff has been since moving In.

Crazy! I know! The truth Is, I've got way too much shit, lol! I left all of my shelves at the old place. 

Knowing how much I missed my displays , the fam went out and got me this awesome Father's Day gift! The other day my daughter saw me rummaging through one of the boxes, looking at some of my figures and felt sorry for me. It was actually her idea to get me the book shelf and I absolutely love It! 

This Is what It looks like assembled.

I haven't figured out how I want to display my figures yet but when I do I'll post the pics.  

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Moved In And Groovin' !

Phew! We are finally done with our move and I think I'm ready to get back into a groove as far as blogging goes. And even though I'm only a couple of hours away from where we lived before, things still feel a little bit like an Outer Limits episode. A professional sports team, genuinely nice people, strip malls everywhere with toy scoring opportunities for miles. It's going to take a little time for me to get used to. O.K. who am I kidding? After spending a couple of hours with the missus out looking for a new cpu desk and realizing that I was literally surrounded by stores filled with action figure goodness, settling In might not be as hard as I originally expected. 

Five Below had a bunch of TMNT stuff. The Big Lots we went to to find the cpu desk had a bunch of Elite Force figures I had been looking for and Wal-Mart had a decent selection of action figures as well. No classic Ghostbusters figures, tho. Either way It looks like the toy getting's gonna be good! Here's my latest pick up. Nothing big but a line that I've been wanting to check out for some time.

This is one of those made to be played with toys. At $7 and some change you get a lot of bang for your buck. The novelty here lies In the amount of  extras that are included with the figure. Even the packaging can be considered an extra If you count the collectible trading card. I could see kids having a blast with this!  

While not my idea of a trading card, the gimmick of being able to tear this off of the packaging and keep as a collectible Is a cool one. Of course us 80's kids didn't have the luxury of perforated file cards. We actually had to put some work into It using moms good sewing scissors.     

But wait! There's more! Once you get done storing away your awesome little Batman action shot, you can move on to the mystery boxes!

With a slight push, each box pops open pretty easily, revealing your mystery accessory! 

This Is what I got. I'm not sure how random this Is. I'm thinking the only thing that is randomized Is the color of the weapons. I think I remember seeing an orange batarang with some of these 1st edition Batman figures. Luckily I got the black one.

I really like the look of the figure. It has just enough articulation to get him into some cool poses  and the sculpt is pretty solid.

Another plus Is the fact that he can hold his weapons securely. An action figure Is only as good as it's efficiency to grip it's weapons. 

It took me a little while to figure out that these two neon green swords could be combined to make a Bat-Shield!

As you can see, he scales well with Marvel Universe figures and not so well with DC Infinite figs.   

I'm not sure what It Is but I've been In Batman/ Punisher mode of late. I really like the combination of the two. 

As for these Spinmaster DC figures? It's hit and miss for me. I like the Shazam, Superman and most of the Batman variations. I'm also digging some of the villains, especially Darkseid. Unfortunately, most of the other figures just aren't doing It for me.  

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Birthday Haul Part 3 - Another Fail

The final item in my birthday haul arrived yesterday and I was pretty excited about It. I had been out most of the day helping my daughter and her boyfriend move so coming home was doubly rewarding considering I had an action figure waiting there for me! Sometimes, in all the excitement I tend to overlook things. At first glance It seems like everything Is In the packaging. I noticed there was an accessory missing but thought maybe It'd be behind the figure, tucked away somewhere. I was wrong. I'm not quite sure what happened here. The listing was for a new, never opened figure. And to be honest the box was sealed up neatly and looked brand new, but upon opening It and taking It out of the packaging, something wasn't quite right. Batman's batarang with string attached  was missing. At that point a little bit of smoke started to come out of both of my ears. Remember, I was already dealing with the problem involving my replacement Punisher figure, which btw still hasn't gotten here. It's been almost two weeks. So by now I'm almost in full blown Wolverine berserker rage mode. On the left Is what the complete figure in package should have looked like. On the right is how mine arrived.


Also, I think I may have frayed his cape a little when pulling him out of the packaging. It's one of those deals where they thread the cape  through this tiny slit In the back of the plastic and you have to pull It through to free It. It's whatever. The seller offered me a refund but I had to pay to ship It back. If I bought it with free shipping shouldn't he have paid for the return of the merchandise? Especially since It was a mistake on his end?  He then offered a $5 partial refund for the missing accessory but I didn't want that. I told him I'd chalk It up to a loss but told him  to be more mindful of his merchandise before shipping. So just like the Punisher figure, I'll probably have to pick up another one of these at some point. It won't be anytime soon, though. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Marvel Legends Retro Collection - Punisher

So how did my first ever Marvel Legends figure photo shoot go? O.K., I guess. I love the figure, don't get me wrong. I'm just still very partial to the  3.75 figure scale.  Aesthetics aside, because everybody knows Legends figures all look pretty damn great. It's the functionality of the figure that was disappointing. It was pretty difficult getting his hand open to insert the handle of the rocket launcher. When I finally got It In there the wrist joint was kind of loose so his hand would fall over while holding the weapon. That could be due to the heaviness of the weapon but a tighter wrist joint could have made this a moot point. Luckily the launcher falls nicely on top of his shoulder for added stability. My only other gripe Is the lack of weapons included. Leave It up to a vintage line to pick up the slack as my 80's Rambo figures all had more than enough  weapons to properly arm Frank Castle. 

I can't lie ,the figure looks amazing. Not enough to turn me into an exclusive 6" collector, but enough that I may go after a couple other personal favorites In the scale. And not just Legends, either. I've been wanting to add another 6" Batman figure to my collection ever since my Dark Knight figure snapped in half a few months back. So If I do decide to go after any other 6" figures, It won't be exclusively  Legends stuff. 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Birthday Haul Part 2

The Marvel Superheroes ToyBiz line of figures was a dream come true for  fans of the brand. Yeah , Mattel gave us  a nice assortment of  3.75 figures, with the Secret Wars line, but a very limited one. If you liked The Punisher as much as I  did as a kid then you were pretty much as stoked with the release of this figure.  The cap firing mechanism was a little bit of an eye sore  but considering this was the first Punisher action figure ...EVER... It just wasn't that big of a deal. Also , correct me If I'm wrong, but I think this marked the first time an action figure was ever coupled with a cap gun gimmick. 

The ToyBiz line was so popular that Hasbro decided to pay homage  by releasing a set of Legends figures with similar cardbacks. Now that I look at the two side by side ,they aren't that similar. What do you guys think?

Here's the Punisher, unarmed, yet and still very dangerous!

As a kid , this Is what I loved the most about this figure! Guns! Every Punisher action figure should come with 4 guns or more. No less! 

What was your favorite ToyBiz Marvel Superheroes figure and why? I'd love to hear about It In the comments!