Monday, April 3, 2017

At The Corner Store

Ooooh,this is a good one!Corner stores.What would we,as kids,have done without em'!Corner stores were our gas stations.Where we would go to fuel up on junk food at the midway point of our  day.On the way there we would reflect on how things  had gone so far and speculate on what might or should happen next.Jokes were  told,friends were clowned and many a fart was laid. I think It was one of those things where the journey was more  enjoyable  than the destination.After all,we were free!Like Toy Box mentioned In his Round Robin post,back In the days there were no terror threats,Ebola outbreaks or ballsy pedophiles on the prowl.We all came from the same hood so everybody knew everybody and all the crazies knew better than to mess with anybody's kids.Corner store visits was our time to walk the streets on our own,free of any parental guidance.The sidewalks were ours to speed on with our bikes and skateboards.Parks,even if chained up,always had a weak link and a way In.But I digress.What I really loved about this topic was the chance It gave me to hunt pics down of things I loved to snack on when frequenting my neighborhoods corner store!

Lets begin with the cheapest drink In the store. Little Hug juices!I would down the shit outta these!At a quarter a piece ,you couldn't go wrong.It always took two to quench my thirst.

Strawberry Creme sandwich cookies!They also came In lemon and vanilla flavors.They were only  50 cents a piece !That was a lot of bang for your buck. The cool thing about these was that If one of your friends didn't have any money at the time,you could always share your cookies with them.More than enough to go around.  

Pecan Pies were bout 35 cents a piece and did a great job of filling me up.I can tell you this,no one In my group liked them which meant that I never had to share! 

Push Ups!!!!Who didn't lust after these on a hot summer day?!?Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream was good but didn't go down quite as smooth as  Sherbet did  .

It was best for you to keep your distance after I got done with a bag of Onion Garlic potato chips.The breath was humming! 

Usually ,trips to the corner store never involved  the buying of  anything hobby related.At that time ,my friends and I all collected  baseball cards and we knew that snack time was not the best time to be handling them.Garlic stained fingers and  condition sensitive cardboard just didn't mix.Baseball Card buying was done almost exclusively and 89 Topps was heavy on our want lists. Two packs for one buck as opposed to nowadays where one pack runs you two to three dollars .Insane,I know!

Well,there you have It.I hope you guys had as much fun reading this post as I had writing It.Truthfully that might not even be possible.But,you can all chime In with your own waltzes down memory lane If you like.These bloggers already have ...


  1. I miss the days of walking down to the corner store (7-11) with my buddies. Good times.

  2. I remember just sitting on the steps out front of the store and chillin with my buddies for what seemed to be hours in the summer time. Not a care in the world. Great job!

  3. Thanks for the trip. Stories like this always remind me why movies like The Goonies and Stand By Me are the best.

    1. Don't forget Stranger Things!!!!!

    2. Yes! Loved that show. Can't wait for season 2.

  4. Probably not the best or most appropriate place to put this, but wanted to point you to The Toy Box ( for next week's Round Robin Challenge. It goes live at 8:00 AM EST on March 10, 2017! I hope to see a link from you in the comment section of the challenge with your post!

  5. Or are we gonna have to travel back In time for this one ;)

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