Sunday, January 31, 2016

Marvel Universe - Baron Zemo/ Team X Wolverine

Two figures that really excited me once I spotted them In D's package were Marvel Universe Baron Zemo and Team X Wolverine. I already knew about Zemo but the Wolvie was a complete surprise.

Zemo looks great!I've been wanting to add this figure to my small army of Marvel villains for a long time now and now I can finally scratch him off my list.He cam with a pistol that just wouldn't stay In his hand and a fancy schmancy sword.At first I had some issues with the sword staying in his hand but after positioning It differently,It worked out.

I've always likened Baron Zemo to Cobra Commander.It would have been cool to have an alternate hooded version of him.

As cool as this version of Wolverine Is, I know nothing about Team X.I've seen episodes in the series with him In this suit and certain comic books but never looked into it's origin.Wolverines backstory has more twists and turns than a 60's jig and I got lost right around the time he went back to Japan to do some soul searching.I'm still not sure where this version of Wolverine will fit into my collection ,yet.  

One thing's for sure,he looks totally bad ass In an A.W.E. Striker!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

1992 Marvel Toybiz - Human Torch (Fireball Flinging)

I'm about three figures away from wrapping up posting about Derek's  gift box of action figure awesomeness!Saving the best for last!Here we have 1992 Toy-biz Marvel Super Heroes Human Torch.When Toy-biz began releasing Marvel action  figures In the early 90's,I was kind of bummed because I was just getting to that age where keeping and playing with your toys was frowned upon by pretty much every other "normal" and "cool" 15 year old.I can't front ,though,I loved the shit out of them!Not so much the obscure characters,but the main guys like Punisher,X-Men,Fantastic 4,Spider-Man, etc.It truly was a dream come true for kids who grew up with the limited cast of  Marvel Secret Wars figures of the 80's.The Human Torch Is a figure I would have loved to have as a kid and am happy to have now.Oh the fun I would have had starting pretend fires around the house with Flinging Fireballin' Human Torch in hand yelling "Stop,Drop and Roll Bi*%#!"All jokes aside,what I love the most about this figure Is that It's the first 3 3/4 toy rendition of The Human Torch (correct me If I'm wrong). Mego did release a Torch dollie but that's about It.I just like to be able to say that I have the first 3 3/4 Human Torch action figure.It's like having their rookie card.


Here's Torch holding onto a miscellaneous  flaming projectile thingie I grabbed from a stash of random accessories. 


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Marvel Secret Wars - Kang

A much needed addition to the collection, Marvel Secret Wars Kang!I've had this guy on my watch list for some time now,but thanks to Derek, I can scratch him off of my need list.I'll  have to hunt down his sash/belt accessory,though.He will display nicely with my other Secret Wars figures.

DC Infinite Heroes - Sinestro

I'm no DC aficionado ,but I am a little familiar with Sinestro. I know he's Green Lantern's main adversary and Is a pretty popular villain In the DC universe.I'm also familiar with this particular line   ,Infinite Crisis,D.C.'s answer to Marvel Universe or vice versa.I've always wanted to dive into this line because of  the sheer amount of characters and their 3 3/4 appeal.Derek may have yet again turned me on to something else.This Is the first of It's kind in my collection.and I really like It.He's not super articulated ,but articulated enough.He might be a bit smaller than 3 3/4 but the small,easy to  store,display and lug around sculpt Is very appealing.Below are some comparison shots of Sinestro next to some other popular 3 3/4 brands.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Not So Recent Transformers Pick Up !

I've actually had this Megatron Mash Up lying around for about a week or so.I haven't  had  a chance
to play with any of the new Transformers I've recently acquired  , but hopefully soon I'll be able to get to them and write up some posts.I found this Megatron at a local Big Lots on sale for about 8 bucks with a rewards card discount.Considering the  20 dollar eBay price tag,I was lucky to find him for such a good price in the wild.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

DC Figs From Orniphus!

If you don't know who  Orniphus Is by now,shame on you. I've only mentioned him a little over 100 times this past week.And that's because about a week ago ,he sent me a truly awesome package with some real cool contents!I mean,It was 3 3/4 figure after 3 3/4 figure,lol!Here's his blog site If anybody  wants to check out his work.Orniphus Is primarily a 3 3/4 action figure collector,artist and a good friend.Over the years he's kept up with my site and has a good Idea of what I collect and what my collection needs are.Hence these cool DC figures.I don't have many DC action figures so these guys I can appreciate.They're from a relatively inexpensive line and might be a nice starting point for me If I decide to add more.The Joker Is from a different line than Deathstroke ,but both lines are pretty comparable and don't look so out of place when displayed together.I sorely needed a Joker action figure and this one ,while a little over the top, will fill that void.I love Deathstroke,the action figure.I don't know much about his background,though.I know he's kind of like Deadpool only not as schizophrenic.In fact ,I think the only similarities are their  heavy use of weapons and the fact that they have similar costumes.I really have to commit myself to learning more  about the DC universe.Action figures are a great resource because they force me to hop online and read up on character backgrounds. Both figures came sans weapons or accessories ,but I have plenty of extra arms  lying around to equip them with.Actually Deathstroke came with an exaggerated gun/sword hybrid thingy that I'm not a big fan of. The figures themsleves look great,with spot on paint apps and good sculpt detail.

Deathstroke has cool looking shoulder/arm  pads with a pronounced bandoleer across his chest.

Joker has an insanely sinister head sculpt .Cartoony,but uber devilish.Dressed In his trademark purple suit with flower lapel,evil never looked so sharp.And speaking of sharp,what better weapon to arm him with than a couple of  blood curdling sickles! 

If anything I really need a Batman from this line.As you can see other Batman figures  are In the right scale but lack that cartoonish look of  The Joker and Deathstroke.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Recent Transformers Pick Ups

After making a couple of eBay sales ,I was able to snag up some Transformers goodness with some of the profits.The TF Masher is all Orniphus's fault,you'll see why  in one of my upcoming posts.The Legends class TF's have been on my radar for a while now and have been on sale at my local Dollar General,so I had to pick them up before they disappeared.I'll do more in-depth post on all these guys once I get done looking at everything Orniphus sent me.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

G.I. Joe VvV - Cobra Night Creeper

Derek hooked It up with this cool Night Creeper from the Valor Vs. Venom line.I already had one but D must have taken notice when I mentioned wanting to possibly army build these guys. I've always liked the looks of these particular Creepers,mostly because of their color scheme.As much as I would love to have a bunch more ,chances are I'll probably just stick with the two I have now. That's  good news for Snake Eyes!