Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Not So Recent Transformers Pick Up !

I've actually had this Megatron Mash Up lying around for about a week or so.I haven't  had  a chance
to play with any of the new Transformers I've recently acquired  , but hopefully soon I'll be able to get to them and write up some posts.I found this Megatron at a local Big Lots on sale for about 8 bucks with a rewards card discount.Considering the  20 dollar eBay price tag,I was lucky to find him for such a good price in the wild.



  1. Nice find Tony, also check out 5 Below, they had some of the Transformer and Marvel Mashers in stock before Christmas, they still might have some. They're the basic sets, the Megatron is one of the deluxes with a couple extra pieces.

    1. Thanks,D!5 Below would have been my first choice but it's far from where I live.I have seen them there In the past,though.You've given me the Mash Up bug with that Springer figure.