Sunday, January 31, 2016

Marvel Universe - Baron Zemo/ Team X Wolverine

Two figures that really excited me once I spotted them In D's package were Marvel Universe Baron Zemo and Team X Wolverine. I already knew about Zemo but the Wolvie was a complete surprise.

Zemo looks great!I've been wanting to add this figure to my small army of Marvel villains for a long time now and now I can finally scratch him off my list.He cam with a pistol that just wouldn't stay In his hand and a fancy schmancy sword.At first I had some issues with the sword staying in his hand but after positioning It differently,It worked out.

I've always likened Baron Zemo to Cobra Commander.It would have been cool to have an alternate hooded version of him.

As cool as this version of Wolverine Is, I know nothing about Team X.I've seen episodes in the series with him In this suit and certain comic books but never looked into it's origin.Wolverines backstory has more twists and turns than a 60's jig and I got lost right around the time he went back to Japan to do some soul searching.I'm still not sure where this version of Wolverine will fit into my collection ,yet.  

One thing's for sure,he looks totally bad ass In an A.W.E. Striker!


  1. Nice fix with Zemo's sword, too bad that his hand is too open to hold his accessories though, that's why the second sword was in the bag with him, as the thicker handle fit his hand well. The Wolverine is just missing an assault rifle I think, I bought a couple of him to make some customs that I still haven't gotten around to, so thought it best not to waste him.

    1. I need all the help I can get when It comes to Marvel Universe,so both figures are much appreciated,D.I thought about maybe picking up a MU Maverick to go with this Wolverine,but for now It's just a thought,lol.

  2. I always just give Zemo some Blue tack to secure his pistol and sword.