Monday, August 27, 2018

1976 Corgi Batmobile

As some of you may already know from reading past posts about my childhood,I was never a big fan of  little toy cars.Hot Wheels,Matchbox,Maisto ,It didn't matter what the brand, I just never dug em'.There was something fake about driving a little car around that didn't have a driver In It.The only car I ever took a liking to as a kid was the Corgi Batmobile. Why?Because It had a driver!A teenie ,tiny batman sculpt that sat In the drivers seat and that,to me,was uber awesome!I played with that thing alot!I made little dirt  roads for It,ramps and took It with me everywhere I went.How couldn't you?It was pocket sized Batman goodness to go!This might not be the coolest item In my collection,but It definitely means alot to me.It was one of the first toys I can remember owning and the nostalgic vibes It gives off  makes It a very important piece In my collection.

Friday, August 17, 2018

My Marvel Superheroes ToyBiz Collection ,So Far

This Is a line that I will try collecting MOC or loose but as mint as possible.Also,they will have to be complete.Of course the minute this  becomes  to tall of a task then we can go ahead and throw everything I just stated In the first sentence out the window.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Marvel Superheroes ToyBiz - Iron Man

Another day,another action figure scratched off my want list.This figure takes me back to the early 90's.I was trying desperately to outgrow toys and be more of a ladies man.I mean my brother had girlfriends left and right and It was about time I  followed In his footsteps.Unfortunately Marvel ToyBiz happened.And damn It If these weren't the coolest freaking action figures EVER!I mean not since Secret Wars had I seen   a  Marvel superhero action figure,and these ones had removable gear!Wolverine had the removable mask,Magneto's helmet and this figure right here.I lost my marbles when I first laid eyes on this figure.Ohh the play possibilities! An Iron Man with removable armor!!!!!GTFO!Of course,back then It was easy to overlook the fact that Iron Man's helmet was wayyy too big for his body and that this figure could have easily passed for a bobblehead,but we were so jaded. 

Little ads and promotions like this were commonplace back then.Toy companies made crack pushers look like alter boys.Not only did they want you to buy up their action figures,they wanted you buy up the comics too.Which ,when you look at it,wasn't such a bad thing after all.Reading was good for us.        

Check this out!Is that a spider web?Sure looks like It.How does that happen?

Such a great Tony Stark head sculpt.Look at that 80's hair and mustache.

Here it looks like he's wearing one of those African neck elongating thingamajigs.

Ugh!So ugly It's beautiful!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra - Shredder?

Looking over my toy shelf down In the basement ,I realized that my Nick Shredder figure was missing his mask.And then I realized that my OOTS foot soldier had a mask.And then...

                                                                                      Voila !

I think It looks pretty dope!

Cobra Commander thinks otherwise.

Friday, August 3, 2018

DC Infinite Heroes - Manhunters

I picked up a couple of  Manhunters to duel It out with my Batman ,Superman and Green Lantern figures.I don't army build  but I had to get the battle damaged Manhunter .It just looks so damn cool.More pics forthcoming.