Tuesday, July 31, 2018

DC Infinite Heroes - Little Teenie Tiny Greenie Lantern

                                          I knew going Into it that DC Infinite Heroes were small figures,but man,this is one tiny Green Lantern.Scale aside ,he's a decent looking figure.Nothing really inspiring about It other than the iconic green and black costume. No lantern ,either.Once again I have embarked on a new,snails paced  hunt for Infinite Heroes figures.

You can see here that Superman towers over GL.

It still works when kept within the confines of  the particular line.But don't think about crossing toy  universes with these guys. 

See what I mean?Spidey,one of the smaller figures In the MU line still stands taller than Green Lantern.

                                           This pic makes Thor look like a Legends figure .

I still love the graspable sculpt of the DC Infinite Heroes figures but they pail In comparison when placed next to anything Marvel Universe.I guess this was DC's way of differentiating themselves from Marvel.Who knows. Like I've said before ,I'll be going after certain characters from this line.Cherry picking and  waiting for the more expensive figures drop In price. I love the Flash figure In this line but can't justify paying anything over 12 bucks for It.And the deliberately slow search Is on!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Game Room Revised

So ,I got this new recliner and have decided to move most of my gaming stuff into the living room.That Is ,until I decide to move everything somewhere else.For now ,It's the living room.As for the recliner,It's pretty damn cool.It plugs In so you can make use of  the back massage function and there's also a built in usb port to charge my phone,Infinx E-cig and anything else that might need charging  via usb.

Here's the new set up.

The following will be a pic dump of pretty much every game In my collection.You'll begin to notice a recurring theme.Can you guess what It is?

These are all of the games I have loaded onto my Ps3 at the moment.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

All Of My Gaming Systems

The top three pics are of systems (Sega,Wii,Xbox) that I have plugged into a three tier table In my dining room.They come In handy when I'm waiting for something to cook In the oven.They are connected to a small hd tv that I like to turn on while eating dinner with the fam.Even though they hate it because there's no cable there ,just an antenna so all I watch are old 80's programming on those retro tv channels.Of course I just love It :)

My Ps1 Is stashed right now since I have the PS3 hooked up ,I can play Ps games on there.

The 360 belongs to my daughter but It too is stashed In her room right now until we can get her a decent tv to hook It up to.Shes more of a PC gamer anyways.

Last but not least,the closest to next gen In my system collection ,the PS3.

Not pictured Is an old N64 unit that I also have stashed but Is missing all of the hook ups and controllers.One day I will complete It.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

DC Infinite Heroes Crisis - Superman 3 3/4

The figure your looking at  sells for about 15 to 20 dollars .....loose.So you can just imagine what It was selling for new In package.Now, imagine my face when I saw this on eBay listed at $7.69 with free shipping.The first thing I do when I see "too good to be true" listings Is check the seller feedback.Damn,I knew It!The last few  transactions received negative   feedback with claims of the seller not even shipping the item.Another buyer complained about receiving the wrong item without being able to return It or receive a refund.I took the chance ,not even expecting the figure to arrive or the package arriving with a less popular and less expensive figure In It.Even when the seller marked the iem as shipped I had doubts.In fact ,once I received,opened the package  and saw the Superman figure ,I thought for sure there would be blemishes or paint slop all over his face or sculpt.I was wrong. Supes was minty as can be!

I have wanted this figure for eons!In fact I restrained myself from collecting DC Infinite 3 3/4 because If I didn't have the Superman figure ,then why bother with any of the other figures.I'm like that.I have to have a few of the major characters from a line before I start going after the less popular figures.Now I have Superman and Public Enemies Batman.Yes,the Public Enemies Superman would be an upgrade but this Is the one I've wanted all along.And I finally got him!

BTW- The fact that I picked up a playset resembling Krypton was purely coincidental.