Sunday, July 3, 2016

Batman Vs. Superman - Superman

When I buy a single figure from a line ,It could be any line,and It hangs around my collection long enough,I get a little anxious.It bugs me  to have just one figure from a line on display.Luckily ,Batman Vs. Superman product has been collecting dust on  toy aisle shelves like forever ,so It wasn't hard to find a Superman figure to display next to  Batman.I was really looking for the first Aquaman release or Wonder Woman but all they had was the variant Aquaman and no Wonder Women :( All is good,though.I have them both In my eBay watch list ;)So lets check out the figure shall we....

I hope that's a heat shield because he's gonna need It to keep that plastic cape from melting .

Here he is posing,with his flowing strawberry fruit roll up..I mean cape draped behind him. 

Here's Supes coming In for a landing.It's the only really dramatic pose I could get him to stand In without him falling over. 

He's all right ,for a toy.I love the chunkiness of these figures.They're super solid,brightly colored super hero action figures!  


  1. I usually never buy movie figures. They always bother me as the costume is never comic accurate.

  2. Yeah I know what you mean.He's not my ideal Superman either.

  3. They look kind of retro which is cool I think.