Luke Skywalker/ Storm Trooper - Star Wars (Epic Heroes)

Here's a closer look at my recent Pick ups out of the packaging. I like head sculpt on the Skywalker figure. It's clean and the overall figure is solid. The Storm Trooper is pretty great, too. The one thing I'm noticing are the holes on the arms of the Storm Trooper.  Darth Vader has them as well. I'm wondering if they'll be releasing a weapons pack or a deluxe figure set with additional accessories that plug into the arms. It's a possibility.  Either way, the holes don't bug me much. The last Pic is for comparison. Pictured with the Epic Heroes figures are vintage  Kenner Lando and Leia. 


  1. Pretty cool. The question is will the line end after one wave?

  2. I know it. Judging from the peg holes on the arms of Vader and Storm Trooper, I'm thinking we might see a deluxe version of some figures. I would, however, like a small Yoda figure to fit in Luke's back pack. Boba Fett, Han, Chewy, Leia and the droids would be great additions, too.

  3. The figures blend right in with Leia and Lando. I think the only thing that seems a little odd is Luke wearing his ROTJ outfit with the backpack (that I assume is for Yoda).

    1. I think the backpack is for Grogu. How he and Luke crossed paths is a mystery to me as I have not been keeping up with mythos.

  4. Been eyeing these, they've been on sale locally for $7.49 each

  5. That's the appeal for me. These are nice go-to's when you wanna cut back on spending.


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