Marvel Legends -Hawkeye w/ Sky Cycle


This set gets me in my feels because it takes me back to playing Captain America and the Avengers in the Arcade as a kid. Here's my copy of the Sega Genesis port with some screenshots of Hawkeye on his Sky-Cycle.












  1. Big fan of the Sega Genesis. Played a lot of NHL and Road Rash. Don't think I ever saw that Captain America and the Avengers game. I feel like I had, I'd remember because that box art is fantastic.

  2. It's a great game! Most people remember the Arcade version.

  3. I don't remember that skycycle/Hawkeye set being released. Looks fantastic. Great looking Hawkeye.

  4. The Hawkeye figure is great by itself, the Sky-Cycle is a plus!


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