Big Boa

I finally have a spot to display my Classified figures which means I can start unboxing what I've had stashed for the last month or so. I gotta start with the figure that has automatically cracked my "Top 5 Classified Joes list" , Big Boa! 


  1. Man that cabinets going to look fantastic filled with classified figures!

  2. Sup, Brother! Yeah, I'm picking up another one, it's exactly the same and they stack on top of one another. That one will be for Legends.

  3. Not familiar with this character (it's been decades since I've watched GI Joe)... but I love the accessories that come with this figure. Looking forward to seeing your Classified display.

    1. Big Boa was created to go up against new GI Joe re ruit Rocky Balboa. The Balboa experiment fell through and a Rocky figure never released. Big Boa, however, stuck round.


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