TMNT Ninja Elite Series - Michaelangelo (1990 movie)

My first recollection of TMNT is from a friend who tried turning me on to the black and white comics. I think this was even before we got the first figures. He praised the mags but I just couldn't get behind a colorless comic book, leading me to prematurely write off the TMNT.  Can you believe it? I quickly found out that I was in the minority as commercials and ads for a new TMNT cartoon series began to flood the television airwaves. One episode was all it took to pull me in. Shortly after, I began collecting the figures and when news of a live action film surfaced I couldn't wait for the premier. I liked the movie and absolutely loved the "Jose Canseco bat" reference by Raphael during the Casey Jones fight scene. Those who have read my baseball card blog know why. Since then we have had a ton of different depictions and iterations of the turtles. Frankly, too many for me to keep up with. So when I saw these figures at my local Walmart recently, it hit a familiar nerve and I had to snag them up! 
I like the disguised look but was a little worried that (A) the hat would not be removable and (B) the body sculpt would be left without any detail seeing as how it is primarily a disguised figure. Luckily, both of my assumptions were wrong and what I had was essentially two versions of Michaelangelo in one! 
On a side note: Whats with the zip tying of the arms, hands and legs?!? What is he a flight risk? Totally frustrating and nerve-wracking when trying to free the figure from the plastic mold. 


  1. Sculpting and articulation look perfect.

  2. It's a nice figure, Jigs, and a solid rendition of their movie counterpart. I would have liked a little bit of the texture the costumes sported in the film, but I'm happy with what Playmates gave us.


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