Sunday, March 26, 2023

And This Is How It Starts...

It turns out that the top rail of my living room vertical blinds is a great spot to display Funko Pops! So, 20 to 25 more should fill up that space quite nicely 😉 And so It begins! 


  1. With the Pop market finally crashing and 35 million dollars worth of pops going to landfills you should be able to pick up most any that you want with very little effort! I currently have 30 or so for sale and people only want to give .50 cents each for them ( bad for us who are trying to offload collections but good for new collectors).

    1. It's kind of nice to have so many to choose from. And your right, many are affordable. B.A. Baracus might be one of the pricier ones that I'll have to shell out a little extra for. I'm going for an 80s themed collection.

  2. Nice way to display them. I wish I had the same sort of blinds in my place, because my biggest issue with Pops is I have no place to show them off.

  3. Yeah , I've seen them stacked on shelves before. Even though I feel like they were meant to be displayed in their boxes, displaying them loose might save you some space.

  4. I do not miss Pops, and am glad I got in when I did (obtaining many of the low production truly rare ones from the start), and when I got out (cashing in on selling said rare ones for ridiculous cash). I do not wish Funko Pops on my worst enemy.

  5. I get it. There's a couple that I want that are pretty pricey. B.A. Baracus, Magnum P.I. etc. Pops remind me of Starting Lineups a little. Tons were produced, and now the rarer ones will cost you.