If you've picked up any of McFarlane's retro DC Superpowers figures, you've undoubtedly come across the hideous capes with holes in them. Luckily there are places on eBay where you can find amazing replacement capes! Check out "thecapemaster" on eBay! That's where I got mine and it's pretty flawless. The fabric is more like the cloth on the original Superpowers figures and hangs nicer than the stiff ribbonlike capes McFarlane used for his reissues. Also, no annoying holes in them either. They are kind of expensive, though, at $15 with shipping but since I'll only be needing two, not a big deal. I like this line a lot and hope to see some of the characters from the vintage line make a comeback. I'd love to have another vac-metal Braniac!



  1. Looks awesome! Thank goodness for customizers.

  2. I was never into customizers much but the capes on these figures desperately needed replacing.

  3. I wasn't sure what holes you were talking about, so I watched a YT review on the figure. Sad that they decided to use that packaging strategy... but glad you found an even better replacement.

  4. Yeah, and if it wasn't for those YouTube reviews, I would have never known.


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