Saturday, January 15, 2022

MOTU Masterverse Revelation He-Man

I remember owning a few MOTU 200X figures years back. I really liked them but ended up trading them away. Since then I've always thought about reacquiring some of them but most are overpriced and incomplete. I guess that's why I find myself kind of crushing on these Masterverse figures. They remind me of the 200X line. In fact, I think  they're better looking than the 200X line. I saw some of the Netflix series, lost interest but then picked up where I left off just recently. Mostly because I wanted to compare the figures to their cartoon counterpart. It's not horrible, although, I hate Orkos voice. As long as I keep picking up figures from the line I will continue to watch episodes as they are released. That is, If it hasn't been cancelled. I know alot of MOTU purists didn't take to well to the first season. Oh well. I am really digging the figures. 

The artwork on the back differs from the one on the side of the box. 
Upon opening the packaging, you're greeted with the iconic battle cry " By The Power of Grayskull!"
The insert can be removed and used as a backdrop for pic purposes. 
I can't find many flaws on this figure. With the exception of the docile expression on the head sculpt , this He-Man figure is pretty solid.
Also, I'm not sure if anyone's tried this yet but you can equip both the sword and shield like so. The sword slides into the harness and the shield slides onto the sword.



  1. Cool figure. Good time to be a MOTU collector. Lots of stuff out there.

    1. So far so good. I was able to find Spikor and Man at Arms yesterday.

  2. Cool figure. The facial expression does kinda throw things off. But that pose where he's looking up at the sword fits that expression pretty well.

  3. It's a little too subdued for my taste but not horrible. The figure itself is super clean.

  4. I really like these figures. I have only found the He-Man & Skeletor in stores though. Wish I could track down a few more.