Monday, October 11, 2021

Toy Remorse

 There are all kinds of toy remorse. Maybe you overpaid for an action figure that later on ended up going on clearance. Have you ever sold off something in your collection, instantly regretting it? What about that wobbly legged vintage MOTU figure you attempted to fix and ended up completely ruining in the process. I'm currently battling a bout of toy remorse and it involves the opening of my Marvel Legends retro 3.75" figures. My attempt to have the best of both worlds backfired! 

The plan was to remove the figures in a way where I'd be able to keep the bubble intact for redisplaying. Everything went right but I instantly regretted it afterwards. The figures just didn't seem as great to me out of the packaging as they did on card. And now there's a gaping hole at the the top of the bubble that, unless you make a perfect cut, is going to look rather odd lol! It's something I can live with but wish I hadn't done in the first place. On the bright side, I can take pics of the figures now and enjoy them out of the packaging.

                        The Mattel Secret Wars Comparison

Many have compared these figures to the vintage Mattel Secret Wars line and in some capacity I agree but the two are also uniquely distinguishable.  

First the obvious. Secret Wars figures tower over Marvel Legends Retro figs and imo have a cooler looking action posed sculpt. The Legends figures have a stiff, up and down look to them. 

The one big similarity lies in the colors Hasbro used and how they are almost identical to the Secret Wars figures ( except for the Spidey figure that seems to be a little darker than Mattel's Spidey) . 

Marvel Legends Retro figures actually fit in better with the vintage Star Wars universe. They scale perfectly.

Another big bummer was  Captain America's gummy shield. WTF? This has to be the first Captain America action figure ever to come with a rubber shield. Not cool ๐Ÿ˜–

I don't hate these figures. But I couldn't help but feel a little underwhelmed while holding them in my hand and posing them. I love all of the different characters they have been releasing but ultimately, it's the cardbacks  that make this line what it is. Once separated from the amazing card art, these figures lose their magic. At least imo. What do you guys think? When and what  was your latest toy remorse? 


  1. My latest toy remorse was finally buying GI Joe Classified Breaker and RAM on Ebay (with a slight but not outrageous premium) and then having it go on sale at Target for $21. Of course, I would never have found one or gotten to it online in time.

    I still like the Retros and simply for the simplicity and their ability to stand. I would keep them on the card from now on then.

  2. Sucks about Breaker๐Ÿ‘Ž That's said, the set is pretty awesome.

    Great point that I left out about the Legends figures. They stand flawlessly. Something Mattel's SW's figures have a hard time doing.

    Your right. At least I still have the cards up on the wall with that great artwork.

  3. I opened most of my Super7 MOTU reAction figures in a way that i was able to take them out and put them back in but it does take some work and there's always a chance it'll mess up. Maybe you just need to find a really cool way to display these guys to make them work.

  4. I may just mix it up and go after loose lots on ebay and pick up carded ones in the wild as I find them. That seems like the most affordable way to go about it.

  5. I would've never mentioned it had you not opened the door for it, but I was kind of excited for these figures when you first started showing them off on the blog. Then some time later I finally found a couple at Walmart and was all ready to buy them, at least until I looked them over a little more and realized that to me, they looked a lot better online than they did in person. Needless to say, I haven't bought any. Oh, and that rubber shield is the shits!

  6. How does Daredevil get solid plastic batons and Captain America get a rubber shield ๐Ÿ˜œ It's all good though. They aren't horrible figures but look better on card. I still pick them up every now and again to pose and play with.

  7. I have been wanting to pick some of these figures up based on the fact that they do remind me of the old Secret Wars figures, but instead I've saved that money and picked up a few loose original Secret Wars figures. They are cool though! Been going back and forth with myself about selling off about 50% of my collection of toys, but I'm wondering if I would have regrets if I did sell? Money and space would be nice though?

  8. Congrats on the Secret Wars figures, they are amazing! The way I see it , everything is replaceable. If you had to sell something off now, no reason why you can't recollect them later or reacquire via trades.