Thursday, August 5, 2021

GI Joe Classified - Snake Supreme Cobra Commander Pt.2

I've been having a hard time finding decent backgrounds for action figure pics lately but may have stumbled across a solution at my local Dollar Tree. These textured backsplash panels make for a great backdrop and could even be used as diorama castle walls. 
I recommend using 4 panels when photographing 6" figures, especially for wide shots. I only used 2 and found myself having to bunch the figures together to get them all in the frame. Not a bad looking background, though. 
I really like this version of Cobra Commander. The soft goods cape and staff reminded me of the 3.75" Pursuit of Cobra figure. 
My Classified collection so far!
Many thanks to Toy Box for the hook up! Snake Supreme Cobra Commander is an amazing figure and one that I highly recommend 🐍🐍🐍


  1. Those backsplash panels are perfect. Any other designs/textures besides the one you show which is awesome as well.

    1. There was one other design there but I know more exist.

  2. I'm subscribed to a few YouTube channels where they make dioramas... and have seen them use Dollar Tree items on multiple occasions. I should hit it up more often. That figure is awesome! Love the detailed artwork on his chestplate.

  3. They'd make great backdrops for cards,too, Fuji. And yes, C.C. Supreme is insanely cool🔥 These Classified figures are works of art.

  4. Great for dioramas, terrible for kitchens!

  5. Have you tried them on walls before? I thought the same. I figured they wouldn't have good adhesive. I haven't tried sticking them to anything yet.

  6. I've seen these at the Dollar Tree and wondered how flimsy they were. Looks like they may not be the best for home improvement projects, but they work great as a set piece!

  7. They're pretty flimsy.The plastic reminds me of those old costume masks we used to wear for Halloween. A bit tougher though.