Wednesday, August 4, 2021

GI Joe Classified - Snake Supreme Cobra Commander Pt.1

Snake Supreme. Sounds like a new burrito at Taco Bell. Truth be told, this action figure is way more delicious! 

This was like no Cobra Commander action figure I've ever opened before. The box is one big work of art.

The front of the interior box looks more like a sarcophagus and  opens up to reveal the figure inside. 
Once the figure is removed you are left with a cool diorama of Cobra Commanders throne!
Stay tuned for part 2 of this post featuring loose pics of the figure as well as a cool Dollar Tree find those of you who enjoy dioramas might want to check out! 


  1. Wowza! That figure is sweet! Love the diorama too.

    1. Yeah the box and diorama add to the overall presentation.

  2. Modern Joe figures don't do a lot for me, but this one is a completely different animal! I love this guy, and his box!

  3. I'll be doing a post soon on my thoughts on GI Joe Classified figures. The figures are amazing but do they scream GI Joe?