Sunday, July 18, 2021

GI Joe Classified - Lady Jaye

Most of us all grew up watching and loving GI Joe.  And while most cartoons in the 80s were male dominated, each had their share of leading ladies. My all time favorite will always be Lady Jaye! She was one of the guys. I liked that about her character. Short hair, jumpsuit, gloves the whole 9 yards. She pulled it off without even trying. Hasbro hit it out of the park with her Classified figure. Many thanks to GI Jigsaw for the hook up! 
Who would watch a Netflix original series GI Joe spinoff featuring Lady Jaye and Flint? 
The collection so far.


  1. Great looking figure. Did it come with two different heads?

  2. Yes, she does, Fuji. I probably should have mentioned that.Its not actually a head sculpt, though. The hair is removable.

  3. As far as ladies in the Joe universe go, I remember Zarana a lot more than I do Lady Jaye. I wonder if that says something about me?

  4. Zarana! Dang, totally forgot about her🤔She was dope, too! So you like bad girls. Nuttin' wrong with that😉