Friday, April 2, 2021

Archie/Red Circle Comics - Mighty Crusaders #2 (1983)

 These two issues of Red Circle  Mighty Crusaders comics have blasted me back to my childhood. Page after action filled page, I'm reminded of what I loved so much about comics as a kid. A superhero team with a deep roster all with their own quirks and distinct personalities as well as diverse powers. Impactful cover art and fisticuffs  packed panels tie everything together.  At times it feels like I'm watching it all unfold in front of me. 

The very first page gives off a Pacific Rim vibe. A great opening scene and continuation from the first issue.

Mighty Crusader's arch-enemy the Brain Emporer is a really cool character.  He kind of reminds me of Serpentor. 

One of my favorite parts in the book is when Black Hood leaves his post  to help The Shield, who has become magnetically attached to the  ships hull. ON HIS MOTORCYCLE! IN SPACE! SICK!

I will definitely be picking up more  Red Circle comics and  Mighty Crusaders figures. They're a nice change of pace from the over saturated Marvel Universe. Stay tuned for for future content!


  1. Another awesome cover... and back cover. Not sure how valuable this comic is worth... but if it's affordable... it'd be cool to buy an extra copy and turn it into a poster.

  2. Mint copies are pretty expensive. My copy was in very fine condition. You can pick them up cheap like that. Much like baseball cards. The poster idea would be cool.

  3. It sure looks like there's a lot going on in these books!

    1. There is ,Jon. That's what's great about it. It's kind of reads like a Netflix series where they bounce back and forth from character to character to see what each are going through.

  4. Black Hood has an entire life of his own. Lots of books of him solo to choose from.

  5. What up , Brother✌️ I know it. Just the other day my daughter told me he's also in that CW show Riverdale.