Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Walking Dead - Michonne w/ Pet Walkers

I have to admit to missing alot of this story arc. I'll have to go back and refresh , but that doesn't take away from the absolute  awesomeness of these figures and how they look on display. Michonne was another character that took a little time for me to warm up to but  that changed after seeing her softer side with Carl. I liked that dynamic. The one thing I would have liked to see with her figure is a little more poseabilty. I mean, she's got the articulation but it's kind of tight in certain areas and I'm afraid to force it for fear of something popping off. Aside from that, just an amazing sculpt and incredibly detailed figure. It's kind of wierd but I really like the boot/shoe  sculpts  on alot of the WD figures. I'm thinking this is a trend with McFarlane as his line of sport themed figures all had their own sneaker brands. I can't remember If they were branded officially but I do know they were all unique to the player. Enjoy the pics!
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  1. I'll never forget that last scene in Season 2 when Andrea meets up with Michonne as well as the shot of the other group panning out to show the prison. I knew season 3 was going to be awesome. It did not disappoint.

    1. The series had a way of pulling you in and keeping you hooked.

  2. These are fantastic! It's cool to see all three figures together.

  3. They look great on display, Fuji.