Friday, December 6, 2019

Soldier Force

Thank god for hole In the wall stores like Family Dollar. O.K. It's not that bad of a place to shop and my kids loved It when they were younger. It just seems like a lot of them are going to shit these days with their ravaged display shelves and  disgruntled employees complaining about management. I can see how the youngans   become enamored by it as  90% of what they carry consists of junk food and toys. Take these Chap Mei Soldier Force figures. For about 12 bucks ,a kid can walk out of their local Family Dollar with a small army and a 10 foot long piece of chewy ,sour  rope to wash it down! Nothing a beats a coinciding toy and candy high. Military figures always catch my eye and the Chap Mei brand Is a reputable one. I picked up three figures,the one carded below Is my favorite of the bunch.

I'm pretty sure all of you are familiar with Chap Mei and I won't be surprised If these are re-released figures from past sets being sold individually. They're solid with good paint apps and decent articulation. Most sport 11 points of articulation while some that I saw on a YouTube review had less amounts of articulation.I believe that was the Navy Seal deep diver. There may be others.

I liked this guy the best. He came with an added accessory,a gas mask ,but his weapon Is made out of a soft rubber and gets all bent out of shape.

I thought these would photograph well with DC Inifinite Heroes figures as both have similar articulation and large hands. They did but the Soldier Force figures are a bit taller than the DC figures. All in all , a nice little set of figures and at three bucks a piece ,totally worth it.


  1. What's up with that wonky sculpting of the shotgun?

  2. Yeah it's pretty horrible looking lol.I think Supes hit it with his heat ray.