Sunday, November 24, 2019

Curse Or Blessing?/This Was Our Bluetooth

The dreaded empty space on your toy shelf! Is this a curse or a blessing? I don't know about you  but the minute I see an unused portion of  a shelf , my mind starts racing and I immediately begin   brainstorming the display possibilities lol. On the other hand , a vacant space like this can serve other purposes .I like to use It as a designated place to   snap pics of action figures. In fact I have a habit of leaving small spots like this open for that very reason. Although,the temptation to display something there Is strong !

Also , what exactly did we do before Bluetooth? Back In our day,anything wireless had to run on batteries and If It happened to be a speaker ,you'd still have to run an aux. cord or  AV cables. I remember the day I discovered the aux. port on an old boom box I had.I always wondered what It was for. Then It hit me!The hook up looked   alot like the headphone jacks that were present on most CRT  television sets. Shortly after I'd find out how to hook up exterior speakers to most of my TV's . It really added to the gaming experience,especially If your boom box had a bass boost feature. 


  1. What about more G.I. Joe's? Someone floated that around a few weeks ago.

  2. Ha ha!I thought about It but nah I'm leaving It empty for picture taking purposes ;)

  3. I wish I had empty space on shelves in my office. They've been filled for at least the past five years. As much as I love me some old school video game consoles... if I had to choose between them and bluetooth... I'm going bluetooth all day everyday ;)