Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Marvel Gamerverse 3.75 Ryu

I have been wanting to represent the Street Fighter franchise In my toy collection for some time now,but haven't found the right toy line to implement that.The G.I. Joe Street Fighter line Is a great one but I wanted something that I could mix into my 3.75 universe of modern action figures.I've come close to picking up Jazzware's figures but I've heard the quality on those kind of suck.Recently ,Hasbro has  released figures under the "Gamerverse" tag based on the Marvel Vs. Capcom fighting game franchise.Well two sets ,anyways.Luckily,one of those figures released was Ryu,and I was able to snag one up on ebay.

Very seldom do 3.75 figures come with alternate hands. Ryu comes with two  fists and a set of Hadoken hands!It'd be nice If more 3.75 figs got this same treatment.

Overall ,this Is a great figure.The flesh tones scattered throughout  his Gi is a little overdone but I can live with It.The only thing that sucks Is that I'll probably be stuck with this lone Street Fighter figure  because Hasbro will probably never release any other  characters from the game.I have a feeling this was a one and done.If worst comes to worst I'll just scratch the Street Fighter theme and focus on a Capcom shelf.I already have the Mega Man 3.75 Gamerverse figure,so It's a start. 


  1. Cool figure. After seeing this... I had to see if they made an E. Honda figure. Looks like they made one in the early 90's.

  2. Yeah,that one was based on the G.I. Joe line,and it's magnificent !

  3. Nice find. I fear Hasbro is forcing me toward the 6" scale so it's really nice to find anything 3.75 by them these days

    1. Same.Although I was thinking about going after some of the older Toybiz Legends figs.

  4. I got this set too! but I got it for the head of Black Widow after seeing it being used on a Scarlett custom. It was pretty cheap.

    I didn't like how in this scale it is impossible to pose Ryu doing a Hadoken.

    The vest can be removed btw, I'm sure you noticed but maybe other people don't know.

  5. Nice!I haven't seen that yet.

    I tried but failed miserably,lol.My pose looks more like a half-doken.In fact If he ever tried doing It that way in the video games he'd get his head smashed In lol.

    Yeah,I saw that.Not sure If I'll ever remove It though.