Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Collection Pics

This Is mostly for those of you who might be newcomers to the site. I've done posts like this before but you never know If new blood Is out there having a look see ;)I'm trying to ,slowly but surely,make room for my collection. Ideally,I'd like to have uniform book cases set up for action figures and a separate shelving unit for baseball cards and video games.Right now I have one large unit housing my figures and baseball cards.So far ,this Is what It's looking like.

At the very top of the shelving unit and on the walls I have all of my Starting Lineup figures.I still have a few figures on my want list but for now ,this Is what I've got.


Top shelf .Some of the more popular 80's action figures In my collection.

Second shelf.Baseball card binders and a small empty section at the end where I snap pics of new items as I acquire them.

Third shelf.A mix of  vintage 5.5 figures including MOTU and TMNT and Marvel Toy-biz.

Fourth Shelf.Misc. vintage figures,most of which I had as a kid.This shelf means alot to me. 

Last shelf.More baseball cards In shoe boxes. 

I've finally gotten around to pulling some of my favorite modern action figures out of the stash where they were beginning to get all warped out of shape .One thing I've learned Is that 80's figures just don't warp the way these newer figures do.

My comic book collection.

Last but not least ,the stash!Yes ,there are still Marvel Universe ,TMNT  ,Star Wars Vintage Collection,Indiana Jones and CORPS! figures left  to display.Not to mention vehicles that I've had In my spare room In the basement along with a custom Doom castle,Marvel Titan Heroes figures,the Shield  Helicarrier, .........IT NEVER ENDS PEOPLE!

One day ,I'll have everything displayed In here.Including video games!It's getting there.


  1. Nice setup. Love posts that show off how people display their collections. I did one of these posts a few years ago. At some point, I probably need to update it.

    1. Thanks Fuji.One day Ill have it all set up to my liking.Id like to display some cards at some point as well.

  2. It's amazing overlap our collections have (minus the SLU's and Marvel Universe). If you switched out the Transformers with Rock Lords, and the Star Wars for more Sectaurs, we could practically be twinsies :)

  3. Lol!Ive actually had my eye on the leader of the Rocklords .Is it Boulder?And yeah,more Sectaurs on the way ,so we will be twinning soon enough 👍