Thursday, December 6, 2018

And Now Batting....

I can take George Brett off my Starting Lineup want list.This one was hard to come by as most are being sold new for upwards of  20 to 25 dollars.I got this banged up Brett for about 4 bucks.Not the cleanest specimen but the majority of the sculpt is still crisp and intact.At the least he will be a placeholder until I can find one in better condition.But I can live and die with this one If I really have to.


  1. I just found one up for $8.09 on ebay (its 10% off right now)

    1. Yeah ,some of those lower priced on card figures have discoloration,mainly the pants being darker than the shirt.Much like the one I picked up for half the price.

  2. Be careful... I accidentally snapped the arm off of my Brett about a year or two ago. Was totally bummed.