Friday, November 2, 2018

Please Excuse The Lack Of Posts

Please excuse my lack of participation ,my fellow blogger pals,as I've been a little out of whack mentally these last couple of weeks.Dealing with a loss in the family and a spew of other things really has me In the dumps.I didn't want to post anything during this time just for the sake of posting. Didn't want to force it.Sometimes It just seems  no amount of action figure magic can pull you out of the depths of  depression.I've resorted to playing my guitar ,ALOT, and singing lots of very sad songs ,lol.That seems to help me get It all out sometimes.I do have lots to be thankful for ,though,and I will never take that for granted.I decided to try and get into the X-Mas spirit early If you couldn't tell already by my background.Yeah,that's Santa on the left there.I do have more Starting Lineup goodness on the way.I don't know what It Is but lately I've been In 80's MLB mode.Sucks for you guys ,I know lol.So stay tuned,peeps,be back soon ;)


  1. Hey I think I remember you! Its been so long that my memory is hazy lol

  2. I know ,man.Gonna be posting again soon.I recently switched rooms,again ,so all my toys are kinda scattered.Ive already finished my 5.5 shelf ,though ;)

  3. Get well and take care of yourself, man!

  4. Sorry to hear about your loss. Take care of yourself and your readers will be waiting for you when you're ready to write again.

  5. We are your amigos and we will be here when you get back

    1. Awesome to know that Mr.Smith.Right back atchya ,and many thanks my fellow Transformers fanatic ;)