Saturday, October 13, 2018

To Be A Winner ...

To Be A Winner...

I seriously can't get the damn theme song out of my head.For the last week or so It's been on replay. I've found myself scouring ,these last couple of days,for 1988 Starting Lineup figures,loose or MOC.I think It's the fact that alot of these figures just weren't available to me as a kid due to them being sold based on team location.For instance,I grew up In Upstate NY so we got tons of Mets and Yankees players. I think this would change in later years as I remember a lot of  other teams being readily available and on the pegs from 1989 and on.

You know you're in trouble when you start marking figures off on a checklist.This was done with paint on the cpu ,I didn't want to write on the card backs.It's a little hard to see but the ones I currently own have the box next to them filled In.As you can see I have a looong way to go.

Here are my newest acquisitions.

From Left to Right - Ozzie Smith,Ozzie Guillen(just realized that they're both shortstops and named Ozzie),Eddie Murray,Wally Joyner, ,Rickey Henderson

My favorite of this bunch Is Ozzie Guillen. Firstly ,because  it's Ozzie Guillen.I have an Oziie Guillen action figure.How cool Is that?!?Plus ,the uni with the player number on the pants.Classic!Not to mention the face Is pretty spot on.It was hit or miss with these figures In '88 with alot of guys getting the same head sculpt.Guillen's was on point.Check out 

Here's Guillen's 1986 Topps RC.Not from my personal stash ,I was too lazy to dig it out and snap a pic.Here's the link for the pic below 

More SLU goodness on the way!!!!


  1. Very cool project! I love this set. I opened up quite a bit of these when I was building the card set. Sold most of the loose figures at the flea market. How do you intend on displaying your set?

  2. I have no idea ,Fuji.I thought about picking up the stand to display just my Mets figures but that would mean having to open them.I may find a wall where I can hang up carded figs and place a small shelf under them with loose figures.

  3. Cool stuff. Have you seen the Tuff Stuff Complete Guide to Starting Lineup book? You can purchase on Amazon. It's a really great resource.

  4. Not yet but I'm aware of it.Luckily I'm not investing in them,just collecting for nostalgic value.Still ,a book like that would be pretty cool to have for reference. I'm gonna look into it.

  5. I have an ever expanding list of figures (and other related items) I'm on the hunt for. It never shrinks, because I don't delete anything off of it which I've gotten. It just grows, and grows, and grows...

    Nothing better than the thrill of the hunt!

    1. My list dwindles very slowly due to out of the blue additions.I'm curious to see how my SLU hunts go.Although It's going to be more of a virtual hunt.