Sunday, July 8, 2018

Accessory Needs/Wants

These figures  are high priority In my collection right now .I don't need to complete any of them, but I would like to have at least one or a couple of their integral accessories.Starting things off with ...

John Matrix.That Uzi isn't even his ,I think I grabbed that off of a Chap Mei fig .All I really want for this figure Is his vest.Guns he originally came with would be nice but really all I  need Is that darned vest.Too bad It sells for about the price of one vintage G.I. Joe on ebay.  I'm not about to pay the 12 to 20 bucks some nutty seller out there Is asking for.Hell to the no. 

Next up Is Rambos Bazooka.Very seldom will you find the bazooka sold individually on ebay.Most of the time it'll be coupled with  other accessories to up the value ,forcing you to pay about the same price you would pay for the Rambo figure loose. Not happening.

Skitor has been a mainstay In my collection .He and Waspax were the first two Sectaurs I bought as a kid and they will forever be embedded In my childhood action figure memories.I've had his web harness In my watch list for a while now and It's only about 6 bucks in total.I may pull the trigger on that one day unless I can find a complete set of his accessories for a couple bucks extra.Not counting his pet Toxcid. 

Damn you Chuckles!One of the few Joes that came with less than 3 accessories and trying to find any one of them on ebay for less than the price of a dime bag Is nearly impossible. I'm not paying 10 bucks for an inch long strip of rubber.It's crazy.You can find loose incomplete Chuckles In great condition for $10 ,sometimes $8 or $9.Throw In that dam holster and a handgun  and that price jumps to about 25 sometime 30 bucks! Crazy town I tell ya !  I really need that holster,though.Chuckles just isn't Chuckles without It. 

"MASK!Has the mighty power to decrease your payyyyy!" Dang,these little guys aren't cheap.Loose ,yeah,but throw In  the little rubber masks they come with and you'll most certainly overdraft your bank account.Complete with mask be prepared to shell out anywhere from $15 to $25  depending on the popularity of the character.I got mine for 5 bucks a piece ,loose sans their lone accessory.And that's not to say that $5 isn't expensive for a 2 inch figure.But ,It's MASK,so,I made an exception.I'd love to track down their masks someday.     

If you've ever watched an episode of Captain Power,you know that his blaster was an integral part of the character.Holding your weaponless Captain Power  figure in front of your television set while playing the interactive VHS cassette surely was suicide.Today,I'd like my Captain Power figure to have his blaster just for the aesthetics.

And last but not least,poor  Kang here needs his intergalactic designer sash.It's just hard for him to "work It" without It.It's so hard to find one loose on ebay.Although,the figure  ,complete,isn't very expensive to begin with.I would just hate to have to buy another figure just for the harness.

So there's my action figure accessory want list .What's yours??


  1. guess what lol I have that vest ,I saw it very recently. and I have Rambos Bazooka ,pretty sure in in the hands of an elephant up on the top shelf.I can't help with the other things (my Kang has his chest thingy but I need it).

    1. Cool!Let me know If you'd like to work out a trade sometime In the near future.

  2. Got a complete Rambo if you want to make a trade.

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    2. I considered that,TB.but I wasn't sure If I had anything you'd be interested In.I still have your E-Mail from that candy box you sent me a while back so I can send you some pics of what I have.Thanks.