Saturday, November 11, 2017

Marvel Universe - Wolverine (Brown Suit/Comic Pack)

I got this In the mail yesterday. I've been really drawn to this style  buck some of the first Marvel Universe figures sported . This will explain why you'll see that I'm amassing multiple figures of certain characters in my collection.I normally don't go that route as I like to keep it simple,but If a particular character that I already own has another figure out there with this kind of sculpt,then I'm picking It up. Hence the Wolverine figure you see below. 

Right off the bat ,you'll notice one glaring problem with this particular body sculpt and that's the scale misrepresentation.Every figure Is the same height!I kind of like this because It hearkens back to a simpler time when all figures had uniformed   height and style.Die hard's won't like this one bit. Off to the Marvel handbook... 

You can clearly see the height differences between Wolverine,Reed Richards and Bullseye.Wolverine should be alot smaller .

Here's a comparison pic with the Wolverine Origins movie figure.The Origins figure gets the scale right but the earlier released version looks heftier and more bad ass imo.

                Ready fir some craptastic poses and pics?!?!

Yeah,I'm a fan of this sculpt.Everything just looks homogeneous ,uniform.


  1. I liked this version a lot ,my only complaint was how strange his neck looked from the side.I took a lot of pictures of him outside looking sad lol

  2. He does look a little E.T. ish from the side lol.

  3. Wow. Didn't realize Wolverine was so short. Love the 2nd to the last pose... with Wolverine looking down on Bullseye.

    1. Lots of people don't ,Fuji.It's one of the reasons why I hate Hugh Jackman playing him in the films.Wolverine being short was what was so cool about him.The odds always seemed to be against him in the comics because of his height.He'd take on guys 10 times his height and still come out on top.