Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Strange Friends

Strange isn't the word!I was excited to find these three carded figures in the prize box I recently won from The Toy Box.Strange Friends Is an Archie McPhee  toy line  that is sure to have you saying "WTF!?!" Are they people wearing animal masks?Are they animals wearing a human costume?Does Yuji eat from the hands of the people feeding the pigeons?Inquiring minds want to know!

I don't plan on unboxing these,at least not any time soon.The cardbacks are so crispy clean that I may have to hang them  on my wall.They really are a sight to behold.You can't  quite understand them yet you can't look away.Throw all logic out the window people,I present to you ....


Play video while reading character bios for full on crazy 



  1. Two gorgeous blondes playing Crazy Train on harps is pretty crazy... but these figures take the cake. I've purchased trading card from Archie McPhee. Might need to see if they still have any of these figures. They'd make great conversation pieces for my classroom.

  2. They are by far the weirdest items in my collection.