Saturday, August 5, 2017

Desert Dogs Sound Fx.

As a kid,did you ever find yourself in need of a quick action figure fix?Maybe you were on vacation with your parents when you realize that your new surroundings would make for some interesting action figure episodes.Or was It that  long car ride when the boredom got so out of hand that   rest areas were designated ,not for peeing,but for action figure hunting? You would never be so lucky as to find anything you were truly interested in,either.Never a Joe in sight or a MOTU figure within reach. 
Just something passable enough to get you through your toy withdrawals,like this Desert Dogs sound fx generic military action figure. Now before you go calling this guy  Mel Appel ,understand that this is just the name of the company that makes these figures.In fact ,these guys are all nameless.A blank slate.But that was the cool part !They could be anybody you wanted them to be!

These guys also came with an arsenal and a cool sound effects feature!Sadly,the sound on mine is non functioning. 

If this guy looks familiar to you,It's probably because you've seen him before.There was a toy company called Marchon that released some knockoff Rambo military figures back in 1986. The figures all had similar faces with different hair styles.I loved them as a kid and used them as enemies for my Rambo figures.These guys were a lot larger in scale and had actual names.Desert Dogs Sound Fx figures wouldn't be released until 1991 ,so clearly and judging by the similarities ,Marchon sold off the rights.

The head and torso are solid while  the arms and legs are made out  of a softer plastic.Like a solid rubber.

I love It when toy companies make great common sense decisions.Speaker holes on the back of the figure,none of this holy chest nonsense.Also,no giant buttons to press.Just a small one on located on the   figures utility belt. 

The weapons are actually better looking than the ones that came with Rambo figures.The bazooka is made out of  a solid plastic  ,while the knife ,gun and holster all got the rubber treatment.Still,they look awesome!

He can hang on to his knife and bazooka pretty snugly  If positioned correctly. The gun not so much.It can be stored  away in the holster,though. 

Initially I thought these would be a little larger .Pretty much the same as the Marchon figures,but no.As you can see ,the Mel Appel figure falls in between the 3 3/4 and 6 inch mark.Do I want more of these figures?Yes!But I'll also be on the lookout for the  Marchon  versions,which are larger and look better next to my Rambo figs.


  1. Mel Apple makes some of my favorite obscure toys from the 80's.

  2. After doing a Google search,I can see why ;)

  3. After reading have GOT to name him Mel Appel. Mr. Appel! Dinner for two!

  4. That blonde guy reminds me of my old metal shop teacher in middle school. I really hated that guy. If I would have owned this figure when I was a kid... I would have had Darth Vader and Obi-wan Kenobi slice him up with their lightsabers.

  5. I like to think of him as Chris Griffin from Family Guy all grown up and in the military :)