Thursday, August 31, 2017

Recent Pick - Up

I'm so glad I was able to pick this set up.It was the last one at my local Target !Of the 300 Legends 3 3/4 figs that are out now ,these two were pretty much the only two I wanted.The Thor /Hulk set looks pretty cool ,too, but It Isn't even close to being on my want list.I'll have loose pics up either later on tonight or tomorrow.Thanks for tuning In!  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Retro Revival Blog Challenge: Forgotten Food and Dining Experiences

What stands out the most to me when thinking back on my childhood restaurant experiences are smoking sections .Smoking was allowed  not only in restaurants,but also bars,shopping malls and  certain places of employment.It wasn't something that bugged me as a kid ,seeing as how practically everybody In my family smoked at the time.I'm pretty sure It must have bugged some non smokers but all in all ,both sides were accommodated.One side smoking,the other non-smoking.I don't know, Is It just me ,are were people generally alot calmer back then?You didn't have to rush your meal  to  run out for a quick smoke  before your 45 minute  lunch break came to an end.You didn't have to pop any anti anxiety pills either,one smoke pretty much did the trick.I quit 10 years ago but sympathize with those who smoke today.They are treated like misfits and god knows the shits gonna hit the fan If they ever decide to make It illegal.What's your take?

Retro Ramblings  visits to Pizza Hut as a kid were memorable ones...

Mr.Smith  takes us on a trip down memory lane...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

And Another One ....Phew!

Well,I can scratch another one off my list.Dr.Strange has been on my radar as far back as the Mesopotamia.Yup,they had Marvel Universe figures.Anyways,I cut costs here by picking one up on eBay listed as "defective". The left leg pops out very easily and because of that,the seller had it listed for 7 bucks.I of course,thinking I'd be able to fix it ,went through with the purchase.I couldn't fix it.It's just a big Krazy Glued mess on that left leg joint,so that's how it shall stay.I may try to use some acetone to loosen it up a little,but idk.The legs weren't very poseable to begin with ,so ,oh well.A good thing he can fly because running will be out of the question.The struggle is real 😓

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Just a Practice Post From Laptop

What's up my fellow toy collectors!I recently got a hand me down laptop and I'm trying her out for the first time here on 2 Minute Toy Break! The pics are from older posts as I have yet to try out the USB functions.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Marvel Mini Busts @ Dollar Tree!

Every once In a while Dollar Tree will have something In the toy aisle that makes me do a double take.Check out these mini busts!They are about 2  1/2 inches tall and are made out of solid plastic.

I had to look through the Captain Americas as lots of them had paint rubs.There were a few decent ones though.  

Iron Man Is my favorite of the two with the glossy paint job on his armor.Most of  these had great paint apps. 

These look  damn cool on display and can be placed pretty much anywhere you'd like.Desk tops,window ledges and If you get yourself some Velcro,they'd look great  on your car dash.I hope they release Hulk and Thor at some point. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Lady Deadpool?

I can honestly sat that I know nothing,zero,zilch about this version of Deadpool.All I know about Deadpool is that hes part of the weapon x project and has no filter.I haven't seen the film yet but i'm already tired of the guy.For a time everything was Deadpool this,Deadpool that.I hate that kind of shit.But,like I said, i've yet to see the film so who knows,maybe i'll be on that bandwagon as well ,but i doubt it.Lady Deadpool is very new to me.I thought that  maybe she was Squirrel Girl but no,shes not.She does have a pet squirrel ,though,which leads me to believe she has some connections with Squirrel Girl.I like the figure but I just dont get the whole Deadpool thing.All the different colors and now a Deadpool team with everyone dressed up as,you guessed it, Deadpool.Idk 😒If somebody can shed some light,It would be appreciated.Like I said,I like the figure(even though her legs are a little stiff ).She gives off an X Force vibe .Oh wait,that's right!Deadpool was a part of X Force.A comic I started to get into but never did ,fully,thanks to baseball cards.

Thanks again Brother✌

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

3 3/4 Alien Action Figure

A 3 3/4 Alien action figure with over 20 points of articulation?Yes please!I'm not sure what line this is from ,but it's a kick ass action figure!Yes,it's a little on the flimsy side ,but with so many points of articulation ,it's to be expected .The figure still holds up well although i broke his left arm joint at the elbow.Not a problem,seeing as how hes got two points of articulation in the elbow and i only broke one.Even after crazy gluing it ,his arm still swivels back and forth.But just look at the overall awesomeness of this figure!


You can even open his lower jaw and expose the infamous alien tounge😭

The exoskeleton on top of his head is also removable.

Thanks again,Brother !

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Collection Pics

With some new additions ,I thought I might share some of my updated display configurations.Not much has changed ,just a few new faces in the crowd.

First up,my Marvel Universe collection.This section is designated for heroes only with the exception of Magneto,Juggernaut and Sabre tooth.I see them as mis understood mutants.Well,Magneto anyways.I always liked the times when he fought side by side with the X-Men.

Here we have my Marvel Universe villains,with a couple of Toybiz figures mixed In. I may customize this Imaginext batcave to make It more of a headquarters for my Marvel villains.   

Doom and his cohorts in their getaway vehicle.Kong can be one of Mole Mans  creations. 

Castle Doom!

My Eastman Laird Mega Bloks Turtles display.

 On to my shelving unit.The top shelf consists of  larger sized vintage figures with smaller ,3 3/4 figures in front.The Transformer Is not vintage and goes against  all of my beliefs as far as repros go,but It just looks so damn cool and true to the original that I had to make an exception.

You'll notice my Raphael finally has a sai to place in his holster. Brothermidnight sent that over In this past trade we completed. The only other vintage TMNT figure Id like to add to this display is  Shredder.

 The second shelf consists of vintage MOTU and Wrestling figures .I've also made this my vintage mini figure display.

The third shelf down  Is be devoted to vintage Marvel.Secret Wars and 90's Toybiz figures will occupy this space.As far as  Toybiz goes ,I'm only looking for the X-Men and a few of the big names in the Superheroes line like Captain America ,Thor,Spider-man,Hulk and Dr.Doom.

The last shelf displays miscellaneous modern Star Wars,DC,and various movie properties on one side ....

...and a scant Joe display on the other.I should equip them with their accessories at some point.It really is the  saddest part of my overall set up. I've lost so much interest in G.I. Joe over the years.

On the floor I have my Deathstar set up with  Vader and Luke going at it.

Last but not least a small part of my wall showing off my Captain America Hot Wheels!I remember finding these on clearance for about a buck each at Wal Mart.I'm two short of a complete set.