Monday, March 20, 2017

Recent Acquisitions + Swiffer Box Dio Touch Ups!

Like I stated In my last post,Wal Mart has Star Wars Black Series 3 3/4 figures on sale for about $5 bucks a piece!While  most are from the new film there are  a couple of ROTJ based figures to be had.I snagged up the two I needed most,Jedi Luke and Lando!

Also,digging around Inside my junk drawer I found 4 stands for one of our  smart TV's.We don't use the stands so I decided to go over two of them with some white paint and use them on my Star Wars winter scene dio. They fit perfectly inside of the round insets. 

And now that I  finally have a Jedi Luke figure ,I went ahead and painted up a spare Swiffer box I had laying around all black.  

Added two of those TV stands ,unpainted and now I have a dio for my Vader and Jedi Luke figures.I have since added a battery operated touch light and will have pics of the completed dio shortly.  

But seriously,If your late to the articulated Star Wars figure scene and would like to start from scratch,the Black Series would be the way to go.I was lucky enough to snag up some of the Vintage Collection figures  back In the day but still need lots of fillers.Jedi Luke,Lando and Admiral Akbar are all available In this Black Series line and would be a great start off point for those looking to collect updated versions of  figures based on the first few films.

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