Monday, December 12, 2016

Do Over

If I could do  one thing over,It would be to duck and counter  instead of taking one right in the nose from the school bus bully back In the 4th grade .That motherfucker!He was mad because a girl liked me and not him.Boo-Hoo,my bad.Sorry If she liked the way I rapped Slick Rick's La Di- Da Di and not your sucky art skills.That shit hurt man lol. He also stole my G1 Bumblebee. Oh well ...whaddaya gonna do?

Checkout Bro Midnight's buck fifty do over!


  1. I got the girl In the end so ,winner ,winner chicken dinner LOL!

    1. Definitely a winner if you also walked away with a chicken dinner......

  2. I got punched at school because a kid thought I was talking about him and years later, we were co-workers at a grocery store and he found out something about me and punched me again!

  3. Wow! Did he actually break your nose?

  4. You got the girl. That's all the matters.

    And maybe a scar. Scars are cool.

  5. My go to in grade school to get the ladies was busting out a little Bobby Brown in my best R&B soul voice. I think it worked once out of 100 times, but it worked! :)