Saturday, November 12, 2016

New Edition!

Ooops,I'm sorry. I meant new additions.

Recently I was able to sell off some more of my baseball cards to fortify  my  Marvel Universe collection.Wonder Man will be a place holder and Psylocke will be a mainstay.Although I think I'll give  her power flow accessory to Wonder Man.Cool It now,I'll have loose pics of both figures up within the next couple of days.Shit,maybe even tonight If I get extremely bored.


  1. Looking good Tony- I have that Wonder Man figure, too-

  2. Thanks Mr.Smith.I haven't cracked hi out of the packaging yet but have seen enough of him in video reviews to know that It's a pretty cool fig.

  3. Oh Wonder Man how I detest you. I recently reviewed West Coast Avengers cause I read it all and he is the character I hated the most! He does, however, look cool in that particular style of figure.

  4. From what I remember ,he always came off as a rather vein character. Wasn't he an actor?

    1. Yes, he was an actor. That came into play a few times in the various story arcs in WCA. It was always about him until the one moment where he wanted to get with Wanda (Scarlet Witch) in that book. It was ridiculous and almost came out of nowhere in the book. He was too focused on himself to actually have love.