Saturday, November 26, 2016

G.I. Joe Arashikage Clash - Snake Eyes

For those of you who don't know about one of ,If not the coolest Snake Eyes figure ever to be released ,do your homework on The Pursuit of Cobra Ninja Commando Snake Eyes.The figure I'm posting about today Is the reissue.Of course this doesn't fall under the "reissues" that mimic vintage figure designs.This Is essentially a reissue of a contemporary action figure. So no,I don't have a problem with that.Funny story though.I used to have the first release of this figure and loved It to death.It was by far my second favorite Snake Eyes figure ever.The first one being v.2 vintage Snake Eyes.I also remember trading It away.I didn't think It would be difficult for me to find another one  If I ever wanted to pick one up again down the road.Yeah right.GI Joe  POC figures pretty much disappeared from store  shelves ,never to be seen again.I don't remember any of them going on clearance either.Man!I was shit out of luck.Not to mention the fact that scalper prices on eBay for them were ridiculous.Even today that POC Ninja Commando Snake Eyes is selling for about 40 bucks MOC. Crazy!Luckily,Hasbro decided to drop a two pack on us. Arashikage Clash!Included is another highly sought after figure, v.41 Storm Shadow.You've probably seen them everywhere online.I was able to finally pick up another v.54 Snake Eyes ,although something about It seems off.I don't know  what It Is exactly but something about the quality seems odd.The sculpt Is there and so are all of the accessories including an extra head sculpt ,but the figure seems a bit light to me.Almost like they used a cheaper quality plastic.Maybe I'm wrong about this.Maybe I shouldn't dwell on It for  too long because overall,this Is still an amazing looking figure.Not only that but I now have an alternate head for my v.67 Retaliation Snake Eyes.


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