Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Here There Be Monsters

For this weeks challenge,seeing as how Halloween Is right  around the corner ,I decided to choose  a few figures from my collection  that would creep me out the most If I were to see them in real life.These guys don't need masks for Halloween this year because they are the mask!They all have monster faces that can't be taken off at the end of  a hard evil crime committing day.They wake up like this.So here they are In no particular order...

You might remember Hordak from the old show Welcome Back Kotter,wait a minute  ,yeah no  that was Horshack,my bad. Moving right along. 
Hordak Is by far the scariest looking figure In my collection,and he stands out because of it. He leads his army of Horde troopers against She-Ra In the old Filmation cartoon series.He Is the leader of the Evil Horde and very angry right now because he seems to have misplaced his red cape.We'll leave him alone and move on to the next abomination.    

Venom!I don't see how this guy doesn't inflict more damage on his opponents In the comics . Seriously,he should be able to literally rip Spider-Man In half.There's a  black goo conspiracy going around right now on the web describing It as a demonic substance that Is known to take over the human body and cause all types of  abnormalities .Well ,guess what Venom Is made out of? 

Two Face Is another,really scary looking dude.With the flip of  a coin,your fate will be decided. If the whole crime thing doesn't pan out ,he can always become an NFL referee.

Alot of people hated on Michael Bay's incarnation of the Transformers.I didn't mind It because I am far from a die hard.One of my favorite scenes from the first film was when Barricade ,who ironically Is a police car, chases down Shia Labeouf . He is ,by far,one of the creepiest   characters In the film.His face reminds me of  the Jeepers Creepers winged creature. 

That's It for this weeks Pop Culture League assignment.Here are some other great monster stories that are sure to please...

G.I. Jigsaw  "picture pages,picture pages, time to get your picture pages..."
The Nerd Nook  goes back in time to show us McDonald's Halloween spirit

Not even Mr.Smith's Plastic Bubble  can protect him from the one monster everybody fears


Green Plastic Squirt Gun's  Bro Midnight monster collection will make your head spin faster than Linda Blair's did In the Exorcist!  



  1. I was sitting here last night racking my brain trying to figure out where on earth my Jeepers Creepers figure is at because Im going to rotate the Mcfarlane horror movie figures back onto the shelves and that Sota Jeepers Creepers figure fits with them perfectly and Im starting to think I might have sent it to John years ago lol

    1. If you gave It to John then chances are someone else has It right now,lol!Alot of people bad mouthed that film ,I loved both of them!He's one of my favorite Horror flick villains.

  2. Drat- I keep coming back to Barricade trying to figure out which version that is. is it HA Barricade?

  3. It's the Dark of the Moon deluxe release.These were all on clearance at Family Dollar for like 5 bucks.I picked up a few.The Human Alliance one was the more popular one though.

  4. Great choices and you know what? I would be scared as crap if Hordak or Venom came after me. Venom more because he's psycho! lol

  5. Hordak was the baddest of the bad! I used to have a Hordak dress up set as a kid. Came with his bow and chest plate! So much fun.

  6. That ,my friend,must have been the coolest dress up set ever!The bat across the chest ,the sharp toothed mask,all of it must have looked awesome!