House of Wax!

"The local Wax Museum is having a fire sale and you have the opportunity to add a life-size, life-like action figure to your collection. Who do you choose?"

Dees ees tuff!Damn,so many to choose from.I don't want an actual wax representation of a person,instead It would be a wax action figure,If that's possible.It's going to be between these two...

I loved the fact that I was able to add a Titan sized Hulk to my collection,so a life sized replica of this figure would be amazing!Damn <swaying my head from side to side>,just thinking about it...


This guy right here!I've seen the mini Secret Wars bobble heads at Walgreens and the jumbo sized ones online,but a life size Secret Wars figure w/ shield would be epic!All right ,let's flip one of my lucky 80's  coins,1982 to be exact.Heads Hulk,tails Captain America...

And the winner Is 

Secret Wars Captain America !

There are a plethora of Pop Culture Leaguers who bring their own flavor to the table every  week ,check out....

Alexis Lasek , a blogger who has a thing for frogs ,ancient amphibians,and who is also becoming a personal favorite of mine to read :)

My boy Brother Midnight trips back to the 80's and brings back a dimepiece

1980,err,I mean 20 Years Before 2000 talks about a   Jackson much badder than the king of pop ever was...

And Mr.Smith  proves that great minds think alike!  


  1. holy cow a life size hulk in the house would be frightening!

    1. I believe what you are looking for would be...

      Doc brace Banner, pelted by Gamma-rays
      Turns into the Hulk-Aint he un-glamma-rus

  2. I wouldn't have ceiling space for Hulk, either. I would be able to enjoy him to about mid-torso...

  3. Anyone from the secret wars line would be cool, but yeah cap would be awesome. and awwww I appreciate your words about me. I enjoy your articles to. In fact, because you reviewed that wrestler with chair, I finally bought him after months of trying to decide. Because like you I wasn't sure if it worked.

    1. Cool ,man!Don't you just love those little chairs?I could play with them all day - fold-unfold-repeat.

  4. Would be a tough call. I think Bela Lugosi. OF course I would stick him in Monster Cafe.

    1. That should be your next project.Life size monsters In the cafe!

  5. Secret Wars Cap! Yes! I'll take Black Spiderman.

  6. Secret Wars Cap! Yes! I'll take Black Spiderman.


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