Monday, August 22, 2016

Wal Mart Adventure Wheels

A couple posts back,i wrote about how cool these clearanced Wal Mart Adventure Wheels sets were,but things get even cooler with this next set i'm about to post about.Here we have the bright orange raft set!It comes with your average Joe adventurer/outdoorsman ,his pet dog and a host of great accessories.

Lets take a look at the dog first.A very nicely detailed brown lab.Just a great sculpt and flawless paint apps.  

These figures are pretty impressive as well.While they are far from top notch,the design and distinguished sculpts set them apart from other discount figures.

If you customize or are into building dioramas ,then these sets may be just what your looking for.Lots of extras and goodies like working coolers,log fires and lanterns among other things. Just enough stuff to get the creative juices flowing. 

Even If you're just looking to bolster your Joe vehicle stash,Adventure Wheels has you covered.This raft Is a couple of decals away from becoming a full fledged Joe or Cobra vehicle.The oars are detachable ,too.  

What I like about this set Is the functionality of the accessories.The fishing rod really works and can be reeled in and out.So many times ,accessories like this look great but the figures are hardly ever able to hold them. Not the case here.Every included accessory in this set can easily be held by the figure.  

"Hey Tom,ya hear sumthin'?"   -  "Naaah,It's probably just a Swamp Thing."

"Son of a b$#*$,you were right!"  

"AAAAAAAAHRGH!!!,Goood LoRd,i THINK iT GOt Me!!!!"  -  "Don't worry,I'll tell the boss you won't be coming  In tomorrow!Oh,and can I keep your set of fishing rods?"



  1. HAHA....Good story. I like doing that too.

  2. they make me think og the 12" GI Joes from the 70's- GI joe adventure team stuff- Also the fisher price 3 3/4 line of adventure people

    1. They really are a mash up and for the price I got them at,a steal.