Wal Mart Adventure Wheels

Recently, my desktop decided to go bye-bye ,leaving me with just my phone to post action figure pics from.I tried blogging from my phone but that just wasn't cool. There's a certain intimacy shared between you and your desktop that just isn't present when typing on a handheld smart device .The loss of my desktop made me realize one thing, and that's how much I appreciate blogging. I sort of took It for granted when I had everyday access to my computer. I didn't expect to be up and blogging again for a while ,when my better half decided to surprise the fam with a brand new computer! YAY!So I'm back (to my loyal 4 or 5 followers and commenters)  :) So why not christen the new machine with a Wally World clearance Adventure Wheels set.

 I actually picked up two Adventure Wheels sets. At 3 dollars a piece ,I wasn't about to pass them up. Lets look at one of the more obvious observations about this set, and that's the included action figure's  uncanny resemblance to  our beloved  vintage G.I. Joe figures. In fact,his face sculpt reminds me a little of  Repeater. The plastic on this figure Is not as durable as the older Joes, but still holds up. The leg joints are nice and tight and the arms ,while a tiny bit loose, work just as well. I gotta say that I'm really liking this figure. He doesn't have a code name or anything, he's just your average roughing It up In the wilderness, kind of character. If I had to name him, though, I'd call him "Down South". Great figure aside, you also get some neat little accessories, including an animal companion.

             The accessories are all relevant to the set, and one of the boxes has a working hatch/lid.

The boat Is made out of a nice and durable plastic and has working lids on the seats for storage!

                                          Joe weapons fit easily into the hands of the figure ...


 This Is a great little set  If your looking for odd accessories and are into customizing .Even as a stand alone set It shines ,imo. It's kind of like an Adventure People/G.I. Joe mash up, and that works for me. Stay tuned as we'll be looking at  the second set next!  


  1. Hey at least you have commentators. I haven´t had one in a long time! Then I didn´t feel so bad after I saw an awesome blog. Vintage halloween collector or something like that. They haven´t had any comments for YEARS! So I am not letting it bug me anymore. I am doing it for me and me only now.

    On topic, I saw this set at a place called Academy sports. It had other sets. Really reminded me of Fisher price Adventure people.

  2. When I lost my CPU ,I realized that It was the act of making the post, writing about stuff that I enjoy, that I really missed. Not so much the comments. Although I like It when I get a nicely thought out reply or a kind comment. In the end ,It's all about the pics and writing for me. Hopefully someone out there will stumble upon one of my posts and use It as a reference when they decide to go out and pick something up.

    As for the sets, they are super cool Matt.If you get the chance to,snag up a set or two.


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