Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dollar Tree Accessories

I've always wanted some working ,folding chairs for my action figures to sit in.They're especially cool In dioramas and playsets. Online you'll pay close to 5 bucks for a pair and that's not even factoring In the shipping costs.Luckily I was able to find some at Dollar Tree ,included with an action figure that I have passed up so many times before.At first,I wasn't sure If the chairs would work/fold out ,thinking that maybe they were in a fixed bang-a-wrestler-in-the-head position.To my delight,after  getting them out of the packaging, they worked!Not bad for a buck a piece considering they each come with a postmortem Sylvester Stallone action figure.

These chairs are made of a durable plastic and work well with your 3 3/4 vintage Joes.I find they work even better with the modern Marvel Universe figures  and Joes. Anything 3 3/4 that bends at the knees pretty much. 
Nothing says R&R like a game of musical chairs! 


  1. They are alot of fun to fold up and smack the heads of your other figures with too.