Sunday, June 12, 2016

LJN D&D - Strongheart

My vintage display Is slowly coming along.I don't want to overload It with too many  toys that have no special connection to my childhood.I like my figures to have some kind of a backstory ,such as this D&D Strongheart figure.I see alot of blogs that gush over ljn's D&D figures of the 80's.As a kid I never saw the appeal.I was more of a super hero/military action figure enthusiast ,which Is probably why I never got too into MOTU. Flashback to the mid 80's! After receiving some last minute birthday cash,I was In deep need of an action figure fix.Being a kid,finding a way to get to the store was half the battle.I would have to wait for my dad to get home (my mom didn't have her own car) or take the gamble and walk to the nearest  Convenient mini mart and hope  they had even a semblance of what I was In the market for.Good news -My brother happened to have the car that day!Bad news - He didn't feel like driving very far,so Convenient It was going to be :(  

Damn!I knew that I was going to come away empty handed because Convenient was notorious for having a low end toy selection. A bunch of  bendables ,eraser figures and the occasional Action Force Ninja (never a G.I. Joe)adorned the cold steel racks of toy wackness. Funny how nowadays those same toys are some of the most coveted by us toy collectors.But back to the story.It was beginning to look like all I was going to come home with that day  was a half moon cookie ,soda and some candy If there was any change left over.

Suddenly,something caught my eye.A Thor-like ,barbarian-esque warrior looking dude with a handle bar mustache, sword and a glittery blue cape!

It wasn't Gung Ho but compared to everything else that was on the pegs,he might as well have been.I didn't even know what Dungeons and Dragons was at the time and I certainly didn't have any other figures from the line.I was going to have to find the closest thing to a dragon or medieval knight in my collection If was going to incorporate Strongheart into any worth while play scenarios.Honestly I don't even remember doing much with him.He never made It into any of my Joe adventures and most of the other figures I had were out of scale with him.I probably had a few solo missions with old Strongheart after forgetting about him all together.Still ,that memory,that day  never  escapes me.Hence the warranted recent pick up .Strongheart jumps up to number one on  my favorite  " 5 right now" list   ,easy.

As you can see,he wasn't the easiest figure to cross universes with.

This will most likely be the last D&D figure I pick up.It's the only one I remember owning aside from that little pvc frog warrior.He wasn't popular with me then but today he'll be displayed shoulder to shoulder with the rest of my vintage collection favs ;)   


  1. Half moon cookie? That is Seinfeld´s black and white cookie!!! look to the cookie Elaine.