Saturday, May 14, 2016

TMNT Mini 3D Puzzles

I didn't know what to expect from these 3D puzzle sets I found at Dollar Tree last night.I thought,with my daughter getting ready for the prom  and my house about to be turned upside down by make up wielding moms and high tensioned ,terrifying teens,I would barricade myself In the room and relieve some stress by attempting to assemble this cheap TMNT mini 3D puzzle.The funny thing is , my stress level could have easily doubled had this puzzle turned out to be a total ,dysfunctional disaster.Luckily,everything went surprisingly well  :)

Even opening the box was a snap.One  single ,small strip of tape removed   and voila!

One thing I quickly noticed was the absence of any instructions.The "Age 6 +" stamping on the box seems pretty appropriate as someone younger may have a hard time figuring out how to get this thing started.

I was impressed with the artwork on the panels as well as the thickness of the card stock.It's pretty durable stuff.  

The background panel looks awesome and combined with the street platform,would make a great diorama for  Mega Bloks figures.Albeit a small one.

You're gonna have to pop out all the characters and Party Wagon parts.Sadly,you're only given two turtles,Leonardo and Michelangelo.Shredder was a nice addition,though.

You might want to have a mini screwdriver handy or something similar to pop out some of the smaller slots In the Party Wagon.

I thought once assembled that the Wagon would be flimsy but It's not.Not only that,but both sides have a different look to them so you can display on either sides.     

Here It Is fully assembled!Not too shabby ;) 

The background snaps together nicely and the Leonardo and Shredder cutouts fit into their own,pre-assigned slots. Michelangelo fits atop the roof of the Party Wagon!If you have any Chutes and Ladders game pieces laying around,you can place the turtles and Shredder 
 into  their bases to have them duel it out separate from the diorama.

This Is how I ultimately decided to display mine.

Would I recommend?Absolutely!Each set Is a dollar and well worth It In my opinion.I also picked up an Avengers Quinjet that I'll be posting about shortly.  


  1. That's pretty impressive for a dollar!

  2. It really is j.I'm hoping they release different tmnt sets like this.

  3. I was thinking about these myself but was afraid they might be junk.

  4. Not at all ,brother.And even if they're not your thing,your still only a buck in the hole.