Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hot Wheels 75th Ann. Captain America - RD-08

I picked up an extra RD-08 to open and I'm really digging It!The kid In me wants to go out back and build a dirt road in the grass for this thing to plow through!You know,I don't think I've ever seen an  exclusive Captain America vehicle In any of the comics I've read.Aside from his motorcycle,Captain America has never had a Captain America mobile.


  1. These are tremendous! A week or so ago I found a few at my local Walmart and brought home No. 1 in the series. Ever since my son was born, I've been hoarding HW so that when he's old enough he'll have a kick-ass collection. His old man kinda likes 'em, too...LOL.

  2. They're a thing of beauty ,Mark.And at 98 cents a piece,I wasn't about to pass them up.Thanks for stopping by ;)