Wednesday, March 30, 2016

TF's Mashers - Starscream

This last week ,Orniphus and I had agreed on a two for two trade.Basically,I would send him a 25th Ann. Commando Snake Eyes and a 25th Ann. Breaker In exchange for a TF's Masher Starscream and another figure that was on my want list ,BIG TIME,which will remain nameless until further notice ;)
I told him I'd throw In some extras and he said he'd do the same.I just didn't expect the extras to be so damn cool!I'll be going over those two mystery figures soon enough ,but first ,lets check out Starscream from the Mashers line of Transformers figures.

You know,the fact that you can't transform these guys doesn't bug me one bit.They look so damn cool In their robot modes that It's become a moot point,really. Finally,a Transformers figure that I can have fun with!I  don't know about you but I really don't have the time to sit there and follow 20 steps to get my Optimus Prime into truck mode and back and then back into truck mode again,and then back into robot mode.I've had my Voyager DOTM Optimus and Deluxe DOTM Bumblebee on display In robot mode for the longest and haven't felt an inkling of desire  to transform them any time soon.It's cool don't get me wrong,but not very much fun.Maybe It's just me,growing old and impatient.To me,Mashers make the most sense in a line made up primarily of robots.They are meant to be taken apart and then snapped back together again In the heat of battle.They seriously have to incorporate a build-a- figure  system where maybe a larger character ,like Unicron could be built by collecting certain deluxe figures.At any rate,I like what Hasbro Is doing here and hope more characters get released in the future.

TF's Mashers are bright and shiny!And while the sculpts lack alot of paint apps,the techie details and glossy plastic make up for It.I'm also a fan of the  the pronounced faction symbols! 

Up,up and away!

It doesn't get any evil-er than these three!I gotta thank Orniphus for keeping an eye out for me when out on his toy hunts. Apparently,Starscream was In the discount bin selling for about two bucks and Derek went out of his way to snag It up for me.A truly heroic feat in my book ;) Thanks again buddy!


  1. The line up is looking well gent, Optimus hasn't a hope.
    I found him while diving in discount bins and knew you'd have room for him, always have my friends in mind when I'm looking around and it was super cheap.

  2. And for that I am greatful 👍
    Optimus definitely has a full plate now.Looks like I'll be trolling eBay for one now.