Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mech Suit Mayhem!

Here are a few fun pics of  Lanards Exo Suit with various toy lines for comparison.Personally,I think It went best with the discount Joker and Deathstroke figure.I've paired up the mech with figures that I think make the most sense and don't clash.Enjoy the pics!

I couldn't have Zartan geared up for obvious reasons,but he fits nicely sans hoodie.I could see the Dreadnoks  utilizing a mech like this.

It could also be a Doc Ock creation.He's always building contraptions and droids like this  to battle the likes of Spidey and friends!

            Look out Batman!Deathstroke Is now more armed than ever!Go ahead,make his day!

And lastly,I think this would make a nice crime fighting tool for everybody's favorite vigilante ,Punisher.