Monday, February 1, 2016

Transformers Mashers - Autobot Springer

"I don't need no stinkin' Mashers" was my reaction to the Marvel Mashers craze that spread throughout the toy collecting community like the plague!I would see them everywhere,on store shelves and discount stores like 5 Below ,and every time It was the same reaction - "I don't need no stinkin' Mashers".I liked the character variation and their bright and shiny appearance,but I wasn't feeling the interchangeability of  the body parts.And even then, I might  have lived with that ,had It not been for all those ports and holes on their arms and legs.I know It's for the kids,but I'm no kid.And even as a kid I  would have passed on Marvel Mashers because super heroes don't have ports or interchangeable parts.Then the Star Wars Mashers line descended upon us from a "galaxy ,far ,far, away" - see what I did there ;) Again, the sculpts were kick ass and the paint poppin' but the swap-able limb gimmick   killed It for me.Then one day ,while doing some X-Mas shopping,I casually glanced down at some Transformers figures,Transformers Mashers figures - "I don't need no stinkin' ........" wait a minute,this could work.After all they are robots and the  interchangeable  gimmick makes total sense when your dealing with robots.I didn't pick any up,but always kept them In mind. Which brings us to what ended up being my favorite figure In the great big box-o toys Derek  of Coolandunusual recently sent me.Transformers Mashers Autobot Springer!

It wasn't love at first sight,though.Not even close.There was a Marvel Universe Baron Zemo somewhere In that box of goodies and he was sure to be my fav of the bunch.Not the case.Derek sent Springer disassembled in a baggie.The different pieces resembled those giant ,bright colored Duplo building blocks from back in the day.Then I began snapping It together,which in itself was quite gratifying, and realized that there was alot more to this figure than "meets the eye" - see what I did there ;) 

Just look at em'!I looove the pose-ability on this guy ,and much like all the other Mashers,the bright paint makes him really stand out.I would have liked for the Autobot symbol to be more pronounced,though.But that's minor compared to the overall awesomeness of the figure!

Weapons make  more sense with   Transformers Mashers and It's fun finding different spots on the sculpt to attach them to. I love the way Springer looks holding his cybertronian  rifle,or with It  perched on his shoulder !

How many times did we break our Transformers as a kid trying to get them into their alt. mode.Well,In this case,break all you want.It snaps right back together again!Not to mention,this actually happens In the world of Transformers.

Many die hard TF fans may scoff at the fact that you can't ..well.. transform  Transformers Mashers ,and they'd have a point.I,personally, don't  mind It one bit.I display most of my TF's In robot mode,anyways.Plus,I'm a big fan of Graffiti.My brother used to tag and draw graffiti pieces. I tried  It but failed miserably.I did ,however,embrace the Hip Hop culture and even MC'd a little bit.But I digress.What I like about Transformers Mashers Is there resemblance to Transformers drawn In graffiti throw ups and pieces in the inner city. I couldn't find any images of Springer but check out Optimus and Starscream!Don't they look like  Mashers?So , yeah,that's another big "draw" for me- see what I did there ;)

So there you have It.I gotta give a huge shout out and thanks to my good buddy Derek A.K.A. Orniphus who went out of his way to send me an awesome action figure package of things I needed,and things I didn't know I needed.Even though you told me not to send you anything In return ,your package,while a little delayed, Is already wrapped up and ready to be shipped.Stay tuned for upcoming Transformers Mashers posts as I'll be unboxing and  looking at  Megatron and Soundwave!


  1. They're cool toys, the gimmick works well for Transformers, I'd have liked if there was more compatibility between other Hasbro toy lines like Constructbots and Kre-o for a bit of brand wide play, like being able to hold each others weapons and maybe swapping some basic parts around, but it is perfectly good as is.
    That's a nice piece of street art.

  2. It's a random piece off the net,but It's pretty damn sick. Megatron surprised me as I was actually able to transform him.I'll be posting that next.I love Springer,though.I'm glad you sent him over,D ;)